Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Card

For the few of you that actually read this blog but didn't get a card, this one's for you...and for my own documentation. :) Merry LATE Christmas!!
2010 Christmas Update

The Hancocks had a lot of fun this year with finally going on some fun vacations! It all happened pretty much in two months. In July, Missy’s side of the family had a BIG reunion in Yellowstone. It was lots of fun catching up with her cousins and family. The girls were excited to go hiking and sightseeing. Unfortunately, Brinley missed out on a day of hiking because she got the flu. The next day, Sadie missed out because she got sick. That’s just the way it goes sometimes.
In August, we went to Monterey, CA for a Hancock reunion. We stayed in condos right on the beach! It was a blast going to the aquarium and hanging out on the beach. So much fun! We even got to visit Shawn’s hometown…Cupertino. He loved reminiscing!
Then, we headed down to southern CA for the wedding of Shawn’s nephew. While we were there, we went to Disneyland! It was the first time the girls have been there and it was magical! Shawn’s sister, Melanie, and her family joined us, making it a great time!
Shawn is still at the University of Utah. He is still dreaming for a BYU job, so we’ll see if this will be his lucky year. He is currently involved with scouts as an assistant scoutmaster. He still likes playing flag football and softball every chance he gets. In softball, their team made it to the championship game and Shawn hit a 2-run homerun in the last inning to win it. Oh, how it reminds him of the glory days!
Missy keeps going with her photography business and 3 busy girls. She just started doing weddings this year and has enjoyed the challenge. She has also been working a year now with the 9 Year Olds in the Activity Days in our church. She thinks it’s the best job!
Brinley wanted to say a bunch of stuff. Here goes! She’s in 2nd Grade and is losing teeth like crazy! The tooth fairy is going broke! She is very good at piano, loves to play soccer, and is taking dance.  Brinley’s a busy girl! Her favorite ride was Small World at Disneyland. She said she’s trying to get along with her younger sister.
Cambree recently turned 5. She started Preschool and has lots of friends in her class. She’s working on reading and being more obedient in school. This was her first year playing soccer and she really likes it. She also LOVES dance class and performing. Her favorite thing at Disneyland was seeing the Princesses. Cambree recently broke her wrist while jumping off the couch. She went a whole night before her parents found out it was broken!
Sadie is a year old and is such a joy to be around! She is always ready with a smile. She likes to walk around with a blanket on her head and bump into things. Her first word was “shoes”, so I hope we’re not in too much trouble. In May, she was chosen to model for some baby slings. Check her out on their website: She was definitely the cutest and happiest baby there.:)
We love and miss all of you. We wish we could see everyone more…at least there’s Facebook! May you have a beautiful Christmas Season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Have a wonderful year!

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