Thursday, January 13, 2011

BYU Basketball

So Tuesday we went with our friends, Nicole and Jeff, to the BYU vs. Utah basketball game. I really don't like to go to games at Utah unless we are going to win. There's just too much harassing going on and I don't like that...except when it comes from Jeff. Whenever we've gone to BYU games with them before, Jeff is really calm and hardly cheers so it came as a huge shock when Jimmer scored a 3 pointer at the half-time buzzer. Jeff was outta control! He ran up and down the isle hootin' and hollerin', waving around his hat, and making some noise. I so wish I had my video camera but I might've been too stunned to even use it. Nicole didn't know what had come over her husband. It was really fun! Luckily, Jeff made friends with the Utah fans sitting right in front of us or I might really have some drama to report. Oh boy. So yeah, it was a really fun game with Jeff acting like a fool and Jimmer loading the scoreboard. Shawn says it was the best game he's ever been that's saying something!

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esperanza said...

You guys are the envy of a lot of guys if you were at that game. Amazing moves from Jimmer!