Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

This year's winter dance concert was fabulous! And I would know since I saw it 3 times. There are 4 shows and our girls were in different shows so I got to see it 3 times. I didn't see it the last time because Sadie could only handle one show and was done, so Shawn stayed and I went home. Shawn thought the show was the best one so far so he didn't even mind watching both. We even saved money on the costumes cuz they were in the exact same show. But I don't think it was worth it. I think next time we'll try to get them in the same show so family doesn't have to choose or watch it twice!
Some of the family that came.
My parents and sister.
Brinley doing the Dragonfly dance...the tall one in the middle. :)
Cambree doing a hoe-down? She's a Mome-Rat.


Angie said...

So cute! I just love their costumes. I bet their dances were darling, too.

Darci said...

I don't want Kensie to grow up fast, but I am SOO excited to get her in dance!!! That looks like so much fun! I love the 'hoe-down' by Cambree! lol