Sunday, January 9, 2011


It was kinda weird that we didn't have plans for New Year's Eve until the day before. I like to plan and things just didn't happen. So we conned the Dunns into coming over with all their kids for the evening. Our kids are pretty much the same ages so it makes for a fun time to have them over. Jeff doesn't like to play games and we warned him we would be playing LOTS of games and he still came...and I swear he had a fun time...maybe even laughed a little. :) We (and the girls) played the Wii, played some games (Shawn may or may not have acted like he was walking a dog lying down) and had yummy food. Then, we watched the ball drop and the girls banged pots and pans. Yeah, we're ghetto like that...and my pots don't look so great either. Ugh.
Poor Aubs looks stoned or tired...too much Martinelli's maybe?
Good times! Let's plan next year! Who's in??


J and Company said...

I love the idea to ring in the new year by banging on the pots and pans! It looks like you brought in your year in style!

nicole said...

Oh missy... that is awesome!! that was so fun!!! love the picture of Aubs:)