Monday, January 31, 2011


Friday morning I made an appointment to take Sadie in for a suspected ear infection. Her appointment was at 2:00 and by then she was coughing and wheezing and having a hard time breathing. I couldn't believe how fast it came on! She at a 103 temperature at the doctor's and her breathing levels were just barely above the mark or she would've been hospitalized. She had a double ear infection (she always gets that when she's teething). She was lethargic and hadn't eaten anything all day, except a bottle. So at least she wasn't dehydrated. It's so sad to have my 1 year old just laying on me and not wanting to move. They gave her some steroids to loosen things up, some Motrin, and 2 nebulizer treatments. She was off my lap and playing! Her breathing levels still were about the same but the doctor was encouraged that she was at least moving around. We think it's RSV but she hasn't been tested, but I really think it is. It could also be the flu. Who knows? I just hope she gets back to being herself soon. She HATES taking any of the medicines. She's gotten so smart that she tries not to cry cuz she knows that's when Shawn slips it in.
We went back to the doctor's today and it seems like she's getting better. We just need to up her nebulizer treatments and keep going with all the other meds. She'll probably be better in about a week they said. I hope so!
I seem to be the only one that has had my A-game. Everyone else has had a sick stomach...Cambree threw-up, at least she made it to the toilet this time. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

This year's winter dance concert was fabulous! And I would know since I saw it 3 times. There are 4 shows and our girls were in different shows so I got to see it 3 times. I didn't see it the last time because Sadie could only handle one show and was done, so Shawn stayed and I went home. Shawn thought the show was the best one so far so he didn't even mind watching both. We even saved money on the costumes cuz they were in the exact same show. But I don't think it was worth it. I think next time we'll try to get them in the same show so family doesn't have to choose or watch it twice!
Some of the family that came.
My parents and sister.
Brinley doing the Dragonfly dance...the tall one in the middle. :)
Cambree doing a hoe-down? She's a Mome-Rat.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hancock Family Christmas Party

Oh! I totally forgot to blog about the Hancock party. We always have it after Christmas, usually on New Year's Day. I forgot my camera, but finally remembered to get them from my SIL, who could not get enough of Sadie. So, yeah, we had a great party. The kids went sledding while the adults cooked up a yummy meal of turkey AND ham. We also played games, had a few gift exchanges (including a fun white elephant), and had good food.
First time for Sadie going sledding!
Isn't she so cute in her snow gear? First time for that too...I'm awful for not taking her out in it yet!
Some of the cousins...even ones from Vegas! So fun to have them here last minute.
Here's all the cousins for the gift exchange. Sadie is hopefully clapping not having a spasm.
Aunt Jody became her best friend my giving her a sticky push pop.
Cambree borrowed Conrad's Christmas present for a little while. Go Iron Man!
Quick story (hopefully). Every year I always wonder what we'll get from my in-laws. They've given us some pretty interesting things...all very useful and practical like emergency preparedness stuff...that sort of thing. This year was no different. We got MORE Shamwows, powdered eggs (which I've heard are really good), citric acid to make lemon water, a 2 Tablespoon measuring spoon, and 2 small spatulas from Barbara. No doubt from Larry, were 4 $2 unclipped bills in a portfolio that he probably got on some infomercial or something that will MAYBE be worth something someday. I had a feeling we'd all be getting spatulas, after she was at our house babysitting the girls one time. I overheard her talking to a SIL about me only having one spatula (I have others in another place) and how some people just don't like to scrape out every last drop. So now I have one to scrape out that last drop...from my soda can (as Shawn's brother put it)! We got two teeny scrapers. The quote of the day, also from Ryan, is "Now our 2 scoop days are over!" (referring to the measuring spoon). Barbara made sure to tell us all about each item in our boxes. She even made a list. I love that woman! She is always prepared with some kind of nifty solution to things. Every time I use a spatula I think of her. It was just the perfect things to get from them because it's completely their personality and who they are. Love it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

BYU Basketball

So Tuesday we went with our friends, Nicole and Jeff, to the BYU vs. Utah basketball game. I really don't like to go to games at Utah unless we are going to win. There's just too much harassing going on and I don't like that...except when it comes from Jeff. Whenever we've gone to BYU games with them before, Jeff is really calm and hardly cheers so it came as a huge shock when Jimmer scored a 3 pointer at the half-time buzzer. Jeff was outta control! He ran up and down the isle hootin' and hollerin', waving around his hat, and making some noise. I so wish I had my video camera but I might've been too stunned to even use it. Nicole didn't know what had come over her husband. It was really fun! Luckily, Jeff made friends with the Utah fans sitting right in front of us or I might really have some drama to report. Oh boy. So yeah, it was a really fun game with Jeff acting like a fool and Jimmer loading the scoreboard. Shawn says it was the best game he's ever been that's saying something!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


It was kinda weird that we didn't have plans for New Year's Eve until the day before. I like to plan and things just didn't happen. So we conned the Dunns into coming over with all their kids for the evening. Our kids are pretty much the same ages so it makes for a fun time to have them over. Jeff doesn't like to play games and we warned him we would be playing LOTS of games and he still came...and I swear he had a fun time...maybe even laughed a little. :) We (and the girls) played the Wii, played some games (Shawn may or may not have acted like he was walking a dog lying down) and had yummy food. Then, we watched the ball drop and the girls banged pots and pans. Yeah, we're ghetto like that...and my pots don't look so great either. Ugh.
Poor Aubs looks stoned or tired...too much Martinelli's maybe?
Good times! Let's plan next year! Who's in??

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I still have some holiday stuff to blog, but these pictures are from November so I'd better blog them first.
I've never had a child that has loved her blanket so much! I originally made it for Cambree (nothing special but I do think she likes the silky fabric) but she didn't love it as much as Sadie. She also likes to put the blanket over her head and walk. Sometimes she runs into things, sometimes not. I don't know how she doesn't! It's pretty funny.

Walking with the blanket over her head.
I just love her squishy-face smile!
And a few random ones. She fell into the toy basket. Instead of me helping her, I got my camera and THEN helped her. :)
She's been loving to wear necklaces and hats. It's SO CUTE!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Card

For the few of you that actually read this blog but didn't get a card, this one's for you...and for my own documentation. :) Merry LATE Christmas!!
2010 Christmas Update

The Hancocks had a lot of fun this year with finally going on some fun vacations! It all happened pretty much in two months. In July, Missy’s side of the family had a BIG reunion in Yellowstone. It was lots of fun catching up with her cousins and family. The girls were excited to go hiking and sightseeing. Unfortunately, Brinley missed out on a day of hiking because she got the flu. The next day, Sadie missed out because she got sick. That’s just the way it goes sometimes.
In August, we went to Monterey, CA for a Hancock reunion. We stayed in condos right on the beach! It was a blast going to the aquarium and hanging out on the beach. So much fun! We even got to visit Shawn’s hometown…Cupertino. He loved reminiscing!
Then, we headed down to southern CA for the wedding of Shawn’s nephew. While we were there, we went to Disneyland! It was the first time the girls have been there and it was magical! Shawn’s sister, Melanie, and her family joined us, making it a great time!
Shawn is still at the University of Utah. He is still dreaming for a BYU job, so we’ll see if this will be his lucky year. He is currently involved with scouts as an assistant scoutmaster. He still likes playing flag football and softball every chance he gets. In softball, their team made it to the championship game and Shawn hit a 2-run homerun in the last inning to win it. Oh, how it reminds him of the glory days!
Missy keeps going with her photography business and 3 busy girls. She just started doing weddings this year and has enjoyed the challenge. She has also been working a year now with the 9 Year Olds in the Activity Days in our church. She thinks it’s the best job!
Brinley wanted to say a bunch of stuff. Here goes! She’s in 2nd Grade and is losing teeth like crazy! The tooth fairy is going broke! She is very good at piano, loves to play soccer, and is taking dance.  Brinley’s a busy girl! Her favorite ride was Small World at Disneyland. She said she’s trying to get along with her younger sister.
Cambree recently turned 5. She started Preschool and has lots of friends in her class. She’s working on reading and being more obedient in school. This was her first year playing soccer and she really likes it. She also LOVES dance class and performing. Her favorite thing at Disneyland was seeing the Princesses. Cambree recently broke her wrist while jumping off the couch. She went a whole night before her parents found out it was broken!
Sadie is a year old and is such a joy to be around! She is always ready with a smile. She likes to walk around with a blanket on her head and bump into things. Her first word was “shoes”, so I hope we’re not in too much trouble. In May, she was chosen to model for some baby slings. Check her out on their website: She was definitely the cutest and happiest baby there.:)
We love and miss all of you. We wish we could see everyone more…at least there’s Facebook! May you have a beautiful Christmas Season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Have a wonderful year!