Sunday, December 12, 2010

Festival of Trees

This year was the first year I've ever been to the Festival of Trees. I actually went on a little Field Trip with the Relief Society. No kids. It was so fun to be out with just the women. Our ward donated a tree and all the fun decorations. It was fun working all year on it and now seeing it come all together.
Here's our tree! It's a Peppermint theme if you couldn't tell. :)
The little ornament in the middle with the button are the ones we made with our Activity Day girls.
The candy wreath I helped make at a Relief Society Activity.
The best tree(s) there! It was a surfing Santa with 4 trees bent over like a wave! So crazy cool!
And they had a display of Gingerbread houses...or a HUGE candyland! Some people go all out!

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Tooele Brezoff said...

I use to go each year and help, I loved seeing all the creative trees and fun ginger bread houses. I love the tree you guys did! Great Job!