Friday, December 31, 2010


I've been kind of avoiding blogging lately...not that I've been super-busy but when I go to post pictures, my Picasa Web Album is full. I had no idea pictures from my blog got stored on Picasa. So I'm trying to delete pictures off of there, but it's hard to do that. I really need to make my photo blog separate from my family blog and I've tried to figure out how to do that, but to no avail. Anyone know? I'm really bugged about it...maybe I'll just have to buy more storage. :(
Anyway, Christmas was good. This was our first Christmas at home...almost all alone. Brinley said Christmas was going to be so boring. I don't know what it is, but I don't like being without family around for Christmas. My parents didn't have anyone at their house so they came over on Christmas Eve, which was so nice. We had a nice dinner and a little program. We always act out the Nativity and I had Brinley be in charge of the costumes. Sadie was Mary. Cambree was Joseph and Brinley was everything else. She did a good job...but it was really wild with lots of crying...not my idea of the reverent, feel-the-Spirit kind of program. Sadie was tired.

We put her to bed and watched "Joy to the World" and that was much more reverent. :) Then, we played Christmas Pictionary and the girls got to open their present from Grandma Hancock...pj's.
Then, the girls went to bed while we played games waiting for them to fall asleep. They were finally out at 10:30 leaving a plate of cookies for Santa.
The next morning, Brinley was up at 7:20 (I wasn't complaining!) and so I started making our traditional German pancakes. Yup, we're mean and make them eat breakfast before presents. Cambree didn't get up until almost 8 and we didn't wait for Sadie to wake up nor did we want to wake her. After breakfast, we finally got to see what Santa brought us. They were pretty excited!
Later that day, my Grandma came over and we Skyped my sister's family in AZ. Then, my other sister and her husband came over for food and games. My mom and I made a turkey...well, ok my mom did. :) I love just relaxing and being with family. What a perfect Christmas.
Sunday we dressed up for church and took our annual photo. The girls got new dresses. I LOVE them! Sometimes that's the only photo I'm in all year. Sad, huh?
 I do have a better picture than this of them, but I couldn't resist posting it. Almost all the pictures with Sadie in she's crying. I'm thinking she doesn't like dare she?!!


J and Company said...

Sounds like a nice low-key Christmas! I love the pictures of Sadie crying, they're so sad and cute at the same time. Your girls dresses are cute, but I REALLY love your dress! Where did you get it? (and bytheway, I'm going to do a post about my necklace hanging thing so you can see what I did since you asked). :) oh and the picasa thing is super annoying. I just attached another email address to it and use that. It's not the administrator email address, but it allows you to have more storage. At least it worked that way for me. Just give the other email address permission to be an author.

Missy said...

Thanks, Jen. I did already try that email address thing. I don't know why it won't work for me.
Got the dress at Ross. Thanks!

Sandi (mom) said...

We sure did have a great Christmas this year. Thanks for all of your hosting and entertaining. You are wonderful!!!