Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Party

Our ward had a Christmas Party last week. It was lots of fun with good food and good entertainment. My niece, from a different ward, even came to sing. She did awesome.
This year they had a Gingerbread house competition. We are so not good at making those. In fact, I think I've only ever made one other one in my life. But we signed up to get the kit they provided, I made the frosting and the girls helped decorate it. I got a little frustrated and almost tore the whole thing down. Luckily, some carolers came by and got me back into a better mood. :) I didn't think we'd win anything...but we did! Just for having Smarties on it. We got the "Nice Smarties" award. I wonder who had to come up with the categories.
The girls were proud of their creation. I love that Cambree has frosting on her cheek. :)
This is what Sadie was doing...making a mess. How unusual. ;)

At the end of the party, Santa made his appearance of course! Brinley sat on his lap again this year (2 years in a row!) but would hardly look at him. Cambree sat on his lap for the first time ever without crying! It's amazing! Maybe she wanted to make sure Santa thought she was a good girl this year so she gets presents. ;) Sadie, on the other hand, didn't do so well. But I got a good picture!
At first she looked a little nervous but she warmed up to him it looks like. :)
Here's Sadie not too sure about what to think...looking for a way out.
Now she's crying to Shawn for some help!
Now we've damaged her for the next few years. We're such mean parents...but I love a good picture! I've done it to all my kids...maybe that's why we have Santa issues.
Here's Brinley's first time on Santa's lap. So scared! That year, she scared all the little kids and many of the little ones didn't want to sit on his lap. Darn! I couldn't find Cambree's crying picture!


J and Company said...

My favorite line? Sadie's making a mess, how unusual! LoL. I also love the crying santa babies pictures. I think they are funny. Maddy cried last year and this year she was super excited. I was pretty surprised. Anyway, looks like you guys are having a super busy Christmas season this year and having lots of fun!

Darci said...

Thanks for the Christmas card. It was so cute! I love all of the pictures of your family on it.

esperanza said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!