Monday, November 29, 2010


More on Cambree. She sure is full of drama lately.
I had Shawn take work off today since Cambree and Sadie were getting their shots. I wasn't worried at all how Sadie would do...Cambree was the one I would need reinforcements for. As soon as she got there, she was asking the receptionist and the nurses when she would get her shots. No matter how many times I told her it would be the last thing she could not stop asking. She did get a little poke to check her blood (they did a complete physical so she would be all ready for Kindergarten) and she freaked out about that. She was hoping that was the shot. Nope. The doctor asked her to hop on each foot, walk on her toes/heels, etc. She loved performing for the doctor and momentarily forgot about the shots. Then the doctor left and the nurses came in. Cambree wanted Sadie to go first. So she did. She cried for a second (when she got her flu shot, she didn't even cry at all). Next up, Cambree. She slowly headed towards the door. Shawn grabbed her, legs and arms were flailing, crying and screaming. We took her boots off so they wouldn't hurt anyone. Shawn pinned her arms down and the the nurses pinned her legs down. Still crying/screaming. It was quickly over, but she cried the rest of the way out the door and on the way home. Oh the drama. I was kinda glad Shawn was there to see how bad it is and that he didn't miss work for nothing. I seriously needed the help. Shawn said I should've brought my camera or video camera to blackmail document the craziness of it all. At least it's all over now...but she's limping and constantly complaining about her legs hurting. Now you see why I didn't believe her wrist was broken?
Sadie was just so happy and fun. We even found out she has an ear infection. Wouldn't even know it...she's just too darn happy.
And no we didn't miss Thanksgiving. I'll be posting that sometime. This was just too entertaining and it HAD to be posted ASAP!


tracie said...

oh my that girl. You should of asked me I would of gone with you.

Missy said...

Aww...thanks Tracie. But I really don't think you would've wanted to pry that girl from the chair and hold her kicking and screaming. Shawn was beside himself! She turned into a monster!