Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Week

Gosh it was a fun Halloween week (last week). :)
Here's Brinley's "jack-o-lantern face". She's lost so many teeth lately!

It all started off with the Ward Halloween party (the week before). The girls dressed up and played games and went through the Spook Alley...although Cambree was too scared to do it.
Next up, Shawn and I going to a Halloween party. I don't know if we're lame and never get invited to Halloween parties or what but in the 9 years we've been married neither of us have dressed up. Shawn gets anxiety and I would love to dress up but can never think of what to wear. So Shawn was Facebook (which took him 2 hours to get it exactly right and made us late to the party) and I was a cowgirl. We were the only ones there that didn't match but someone pointed out that I was Farmville on Facebook. That works. :) I got this awesome vest at DI. I couldn't believe my luck! Yeah, those were already on the vest. I was stylin'.

Pumpkin carving was next. We did it fast this year. Not good, but fast...cuz Shawn didn't carve any. He's the perfectionist around here. Brinley actually did hers all by herself this time.

On Wednesday, Cambree had her preschool Halloween party. Good thing her costume was so warm cuz it snowed like 4 inches! Insane.

The next day we dressed up again to go to Shawn's work and get our flu shots. We haven't been there since before Sadie was born so it was about time!
Friday was the Halloween parade/party at school. So we went to watch Brinley and all the kids parade around in their costumes. Some of the costumes are so creative. I wish I could remember them for next year.
Brinley wanted to be something scary this year...a dead bride or corpse bride. Oh boy...I think next year we need to convince her to be a princess or something.
Halloween night, me and a neighbor pulled off a last-minute soup dinner held at our house for some neighbors. It was supposed to be outside but with the torrential downpour, we moved it to our garage. It worked out well and everyone kept warm. :)
Then the kiddos went out trick-or-treating. Shawn took Sadie around our cul-de-sac then she hung out with me while they went around the rest of the neighborhood. I was bummed that I had forgotten to take pictures when it was light outside or a few days before. I had plenty of chances but this is all I've got. Brinley and Cambree aren't even in focus. Lame. They kept saying they were so cold!
On Sunday, the actual Halloween day, we had some friends over for a Halloween dinner. We had "roast beast", mouth, spider jello, mummy rolls, and brains. We played a few games and then I read a story that had Cambree crying at the end of it. I guess I scared her a little too much with my scream. :)
Here are the mouths I made with the girls.
Still going...Monday night we went over to the Haunted Creek. Our neighbors do a huge production and since it was raining they postponed it to Monday night. The girls were pretty scared but at the end said it was so fun. I was really impressed. They did a good job!
Until next year!! Ha-ha-ha!!!


J and Company said...

I love that the post is called Halloween Week because that is seriously how long you end up celebrating it once you have kids. :) Good thing I love Halloween, and I love all of your costumes (especially facebook with your picture on it. Classic!)

Helen Macfarlane said...

I love you Missy. You and your family are so stinkin' cute! I love that you are soaking up life to the fullest AND you remember to post about it. WOO HOO!