Tuesday, November 9, 2010

6 Month Cycle

I think we're on some kind of cycle with Cambree in terms of naughtiness. I don't get it but it seems like every 6 months so has some kind of change and just wants to be naughty...remember the hair cutting?? Twice??? Yeah, that was about 9 months apart, but you get the idea.
Luckily, she hasn't cut her hair but she does pee her pants. She does this about every 6 months. It's kind of embarrassing to admit but Shawn says I need to blog about these things cuz people are out there that have dealt with this. I don't think so...we'll see if you can prove me wrong.
Last week, I noticed Cambree's room smelling like pee. So I look around her room for an old pull-up (yeah, she still wets the bed. Man! She's gonna be so embarrassed when she grows up!). Nope. Nothing. I kind of forget about it until every time I pass by her room it grosses me out!! I look a little more and ask her to look but neither of us find anything. The next day, my house is starting to smell more! I've gotta find whatever it is!! So I keep looking and smelling...until I get to the garbage can in her room. Nothing is in there, but it sure smells! So I pick up the liner and the bag is full of pee at the bottom! Yup. She peed in her garbage can. A 5 year old??!! WHAT???  When I question her, she says she just wanted to do it to be naughty. Oh boy. PLEASE be a good teenager!!!
THEN, I caught her with her pants down peeing by the fireplace. I thought only boys peed in random places.
So come on! Prove me wrong! 5 Year old peeing in a garbage can and/or in the house somewhere BESIDES the toilet. Tell me ALL about it. :)


ClistyB said...

only thing I can tell you is that Gwen was easily 6 or 6.5 before she quit the bedwetting.

Teresa said...

Mason is 5 and he has started to pee his pants. Luckly he has not started peeing around the house. Oh and yes he goes in the garbage can RIGHT next to the toilet!!!

Helen Macfarlane said...

Both of my girls have peed in their garbage cans. Ashley did it because she didn't want to go use the bathroom. Emma did it because, who knows? We had the same problem trying to figure out where the pee smell was coming from.
Okay, forgive me for getting all philosophical, but you DID ask! One thing I've found helpful is to explain why we don't pee on the floor. Explain to her in detail why it's a bad idea to pee someplace besides the toilet. The germs, the cleanup (you could be explaining this to her while the two of you are cleaning up the mess - TOGETHER - without anger), the immodesty, the smell, etc. Educate her on the issue. It makes her feel smart and like her mother trusts her intelligence. Even when my kids don't understand what I'm telling them, when they go to do it again it's like they know there's *some* smart reason not to do this! And that I trust them to be smart enough not to do it.

Does this even make sense?

Missy said...

Oh yea! I'm not totally alone in all this. Whew!
Thanks, Helen, for getting all philosophical. I want to try that and reason with her. Why haven't I thought of that?

Gabrielle said...

Wow- I had a good laugh! thanks!

I have not had this, but my nephew was "too tired" to go all the way to the bathroom at night" so he would pee in his closet...this went on for weeks until my sister found the source of the smell, and cost the price of new carpet to solve!

tracie said...

Oh my. I have no advice to give you about humans. But, my dog pees on the floor sometimes. Does that count?

Angie said...

I like Helen's advice about that. It's a very positive approach, and it places the responsibility on Cambree to be "smart," because she is. I can see approaching it as, "since you're 5 now, I want to teach you about..." And then the discipline isn't about punishment but turns into an opportunity to teach her.

I also heard that Cambree had a serious accident this week. I came on here hoping you would have some details, but I'll wait until later.