Monday, November 29, 2010


More on Cambree. She sure is full of drama lately.
I had Shawn take work off today since Cambree and Sadie were getting their shots. I wasn't worried at all how Sadie would do...Cambree was the one I would need reinforcements for. As soon as she got there, she was asking the receptionist and the nurses when she would get her shots. No matter how many times I told her it would be the last thing she could not stop asking. She did get a little poke to check her blood (they did a complete physical so she would be all ready for Kindergarten) and she freaked out about that. She was hoping that was the shot. Nope. The doctor asked her to hop on each foot, walk on her toes/heels, etc. She loved performing for the doctor and momentarily forgot about the shots. Then the doctor left and the nurses came in. Cambree wanted Sadie to go first. So she did. She cried for a second (when she got her flu shot, she didn't even cry at all). Next up, Cambree. She slowly headed towards the door. Shawn grabbed her, legs and arms were flailing, crying and screaming. We took her boots off so they wouldn't hurt anyone. Shawn pinned her arms down and the the nurses pinned her legs down. Still crying/screaming. It was quickly over, but she cried the rest of the way out the door and on the way home. Oh the drama. I was kinda glad Shawn was there to see how bad it is and that he didn't miss work for nothing. I seriously needed the help. Shawn said I should've brought my camera or video camera to blackmail document the craziness of it all. At least it's all over now...but she's limping and constantly complaining about her legs hurting. Now you see why I didn't believe her wrist was broken?
Sadie was just so happy and fun. We even found out she has an ear infection. Wouldn't even know it...she's just too darn happy.
And no we didn't miss Thanksgiving. I'll be posting that sometime. This was just too entertaining and it HAD to be posted ASAP!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big Girl

It's about time I do a post about Sadie. She's 14 months and being all independent now that she walks REALLY well. Sometimes I wonder where she's gone to (usually it's in my bathroom closet emptying everything on the bottom shelf...I don't know why that's so fun). Don't get me wrong, she still likes to be held...A LOT.
We love our Chunky Monkey!
She's sure a messy eater...especially when given a PB&J sandwich.
This is how she is right moment she's happy and smiley...and the next minute...
...and you're wondering what you even did.
Here's her favorite toy she got LAST Christmas. Now she knows how to work it and LOVES it! See how serious she is about it?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Caramel Apples

I think I need to switch things up a bit. This is starting to sound like "a day in the life of Cambree" instead of a family blog. And there's no better way to switch it up than to talk about me and my cooking skillz...which I have none.
This year I was determined to make caramel apples. I've never done them before and wanted to make them just like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I even talked Nicole into doing it with me. I needed some support here and she said her neighbor told her the secret. We were all stoked about it and had all the yummy ingredients...but it just all went wrong! The caramel was too thick...the white chocolate too runny and when you ate them, they about broke your teeth! Oh well, we had fun...maybe I'll try in another 8 years.

 I REALLY didn't want all my hard work to go to waste so I tried microwaving them and that made them a little softer to try and eat. :)
Let me know if you have any secrets!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I can't believe I have a child with a broken arm. I thought it would be WAY more tramatic than this and I've never broken anything so I didn't know what to expect. I thought the bone would be sticking out or the hand limp. Nope it looked fine to me. So fine that we didn't take her to the doctor until the next day.
Here's the LONG story...I can never tell a short story it seems. It all started on Thursday afternoon when she wanted to have a "party". So she had a few friends over and they were partying down in the basement. The boys were jumping off the couch onto pillows and Cambree followed along. She said she hit the wall with her arm so I just thought it might get a good bruise. She wouldn't stop crying so I sent her friends home and the party was officially over...before it really ever started.
She cried off and on all evening. I just thought she was being a major baby. About a month ago she twisted her ankle and was babying it for a few days, like crawling around. Shawn was pushing on it and moving her wrist around. She winced a couple of times and cried. She said she wanted to do it. She felt her arm and said, "My bone isn't broken! I can feel it!"
The next day I took her to preschool and told her teacher that she hurt her wrist and was really babying it. When I picked her up her teacher said that I should probably take her in to let the doctor check it out. I thought I'd better listen to her teacher! (and it was actually looking a TINY bit swollen) So we went to the doctor and she thought it might be a buckle fracture which is common when kids land and catch themselves with their hand when they fall. So maybe she didn't break it when she hit the wall and maybe when she landed. The doctor sent us over to the hospital to get x-rays. When the x-ray tech showed us the pictures I asked him what he thought and he said he couldn't tell me anything but that she had a hard fall. I was still unsure what that meant. We took the x-rays back to the doctor's office and sure enough, it was broken. When they asked her what color she wanted she picked red. I thought that was weird since they had hot pink and purple. After the nurse left to get the red cast ready I asked her why she picked red. She said cuz the pink one is hot. No! It's not hot! It's just bright pink. So I got the nurse and told her she wanted pink. So now she's happy to have all the attention and everyone's been signing it. She'll have it for a month. So hopefully it's not too smelly by then. :)
And to make our weekend even more interesting, I pulled out her first tooth! It's been loose for a while but she didn't want me to pull it out. I told her to just keep loosening it and it will practically fall out. That it did. It was barely hangin' on. That's the kind I like to pull. :) She was so excited to get a visit from the tooth fairy.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

6 Month Cycle

I think we're on some kind of cycle with Cambree in terms of naughtiness. I don't get it but it seems like every 6 months so has some kind of change and just wants to be naughty...remember the hair cutting?? Twice??? Yeah, that was about 9 months apart, but you get the idea.
Luckily, she hasn't cut her hair but she does pee her pants. She does this about every 6 months. It's kind of embarrassing to admit but Shawn says I need to blog about these things cuz people are out there that have dealt with this. I don't think so...we'll see if you can prove me wrong.
Last week, I noticed Cambree's room smelling like pee. So I look around her room for an old pull-up (yeah, she still wets the bed. Man! She's gonna be so embarrassed when she grows up!). Nope. Nothing. I kind of forget about it until every time I pass by her room it grosses me out!! I look a little more and ask her to look but neither of us find anything. The next day, my house is starting to smell more! I've gotta find whatever it is!! So I keep looking and smelling...until I get to the garbage can in her room. Nothing is in there, but it sure smells! So I pick up the liner and the bag is full of pee at the bottom! Yup. She peed in her garbage can. A 5 year old??!! WHAT???  When I question her, she says she just wanted to do it to be naughty. Oh boy. PLEASE be a good teenager!!!
THEN, I caught her with her pants down peeing by the fireplace. I thought only boys peed in random places.
So come on! Prove me wrong! 5 Year old peeing in a garbage can and/or in the house somewhere BESIDES the toilet. Tell me ALL about it. :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Luck or Bad Luck?

I've been meaning to post this for some time now. I just kept forgetting and it's kind of a long story.
Shawn and I went out on a date to Blue Lemon for dinner. We'd never been there before and had a gift certificate and heard it was good so we tried it out. We ordered and sat down to wait for our food. We talked and watched the BYU game that was playing there forgetting about how long our food was taking. I noticed that the people before us got their food and the people who ordered after us got their food. We asked the waitress about our food and she said she'd check it out. So we waited. The girl never got back to us so we asked another waitress. She checked on it and came right back. She said the chef totally missed it for some reason and that we'd get our food for free. We waited about 40 minutes for our food, but Shawn said it was totally worth it. Now if we had crying kids it might not be.
THE NEXT DAY, we went to Burger King for breakfast before we headed out to my parents' house for General Conference weekend. Shawn wanted to use a bunch of coupons (yeah, he's CHEAP or smart) so he went through the drive-thru and my sister and I went inside. The drive-thru was SO LONG I thought for sure we'd be eating our meals inside waiting for him to get done. WRONG! We waited 45 minutes to get our breakfast!!! Shawn was done LONG before we were. When we asked why it was taking so long they said they didn't know. It was lame. Fast food wasn't so fast.
Cambree's Birthday. We went to Pirate Island. We joked with my brother and his wife about all the bad luck we've been having at restaurants and how that might be the case again. It was taking a little while and we hadn't heard or seen our waitress. Finally after about a 1/2 hour they said the kitchen has been getting all mixed up so we could get free drinks. Good. Then, my brother gets his pizza. They ordered AFTER us. Finally an hour since we had been seated, our food came. They gave us probably 75 free tokens for the wait. Good thing they had an arcade there to entertain the kids since the wait was so long.
Luckily, that was the end of our luck...good or bad. :) Shawn says they were all worth it (minus the Burger King cuz all we got was an apology). I think so. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Week

Gosh it was a fun Halloween week (last week). :)
Here's Brinley's "jack-o-lantern face". She's lost so many teeth lately!

It all started off with the Ward Halloween party (the week before). The girls dressed up and played games and went through the Spook Alley...although Cambree was too scared to do it.
Next up, Shawn and I going to a Halloween party. I don't know if we're lame and never get invited to Halloween parties or what but in the 9 years we've been married neither of us have dressed up. Shawn gets anxiety and I would love to dress up but can never think of what to wear. So Shawn was Facebook (which took him 2 hours to get it exactly right and made us late to the party) and I was a cowgirl. We were the only ones there that didn't match but someone pointed out that I was Farmville on Facebook. That works. :) I got this awesome vest at DI. I couldn't believe my luck! Yeah, those were already on the vest. I was stylin'.

Pumpkin carving was next. We did it fast this year. Not good, but fast...cuz Shawn didn't carve any. He's the perfectionist around here. Brinley actually did hers all by herself this time.

On Wednesday, Cambree had her preschool Halloween party. Good thing her costume was so warm cuz it snowed like 4 inches! Insane.

The next day we dressed up again to go to Shawn's work and get our flu shots. We haven't been there since before Sadie was born so it was about time!
Friday was the Halloween parade/party at school. So we went to watch Brinley and all the kids parade around in their costumes. Some of the costumes are so creative. I wish I could remember them for next year.
Brinley wanted to be something scary this year...a dead bride or corpse bride. Oh boy...I think next year we need to convince her to be a princess or something.
Halloween night, me and a neighbor pulled off a last-minute soup dinner held at our house for some neighbors. It was supposed to be outside but with the torrential downpour, we moved it to our garage. It worked out well and everyone kept warm. :)
Then the kiddos went out trick-or-treating. Shawn took Sadie around our cul-de-sac then she hung out with me while they went around the rest of the neighborhood. I was bummed that I had forgotten to take pictures when it was light outside or a few days before. I had plenty of chances but this is all I've got. Brinley and Cambree aren't even in focus. Lame. They kept saying they were so cold!
On Sunday, the actual Halloween day, we had some friends over for a Halloween dinner. We had "roast beast", mouth, spider jello, mummy rolls, and brains. We played a few games and then I read a story that had Cambree crying at the end of it. I guess I scared her a little too much with my scream. :)
Here are the mouths I made with the girls.
Still going...Monday night we went over to the Haunted Creek. Our neighbors do a huge production and since it was raining they postponed it to Monday night. The girls were pretty scared but at the end said it was so fun. I was really impressed. They did a good job!
Until next year!! Ha-ha-ha!!!