Friday, October 1, 2010

The Tooth Fairy is Almost Broke

Yup! Brinley lost another tooth this morning. She also lost one a little over a week ago at school. I told her she needed to pull it out herself. So during school she pulled it out! Her teacher sent her to the office to get the blood cleaned up and they gave her a little tooth holder. She was so proud.
This morning she told me another tooth was loose. I told her she could pull it out too thinking it would be a few days before that happened. Right after breakfast she said, "Oh my gosh!" And there it was!
She's going to be toothless at the rate she's going!


chrissy said...

Carter and Brinley both! He's lost 3 teeth at school in the last two weeks. But we don't get cool tooth holders like Brinley, we get them sent home in a plastic bag :P

tracie said...

That is how it happened with some of my kids. Poor tooth fairy.

tracie said...
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esperanza said...

I remember the days - how excited I was to get a quarter. :)