Saturday, October 23, 2010


Soccer is coming to a close for the season. It's been a little crazy having them both in soccer with sometimes having their games at the same time and me doing a photo shoot or Shawn at a Scout camp-out, but they love it. And I'm glad they get to learn something new and get a little exercise. What we wouldn't do for our kids.
Cambree loved playing with all the kids in our neighborhood. She's a little timid but if you tell her what to do then she goes for it.
 At little pep talk with the coach. They're so cute at this age and the coach does a great job with them.
This year was the first year they've had a goalie and had actual positions. Brinley loved playing goalie and did a pretty good job of it. She looks intense!
 Can't wait for spring soccer!

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J and Company said...

I can't believe you're a bona fide soccer mom now! Your girls are cute little soccer players and I think it's cool that they are getting into something so young. You always have your girls so involved and I think it's awesome. Also, to answer your question about the couches, we got them at Ethan Allen on some sort of July 4th sale.