Friday, October 15, 2010

Our VERY LATE Anniversary

Yup! We celebrated our anniversary 2 months late. On our anniversary I knew we weren't celebrating it so I didn't even think about it being our anniversary. But Shawn remembered (late) and wished me a happy anniversary. I can't believe I forgot...but I was packing/preparing for that super-long trip to Cali...and I'm 30 now. So enuf said. :)
So, yes, we celebrated it last weekend in Park City. We got a 4 day 3 night stay at Westgate Resort for listening to their timeshare presentation almost 2 years ago. We had to go in the off-season so that's why we had to celebrate our anniversary in October instead of August. My awesome mom was SO nice and came to watch the kids from Thursday to Saturday night. She had an early morning meeting on Sunday so Shawn's mom came on Saturday night until we came home Sunday morning. Man! It was so nice to just be together and not have to worry about bringing kids along. I guess it's time for the time log now. :) We tried to be cheap and just relax. Oh, we ate at a lot of random places due to's awesome $1 sale on $25 gift certificates. It was great especially since Park City is so overpriced.
Thursday-get to Park City, eat at a Vietnamse Restaurant, check-in to our condo (which is awesome!), go shopping at the outlets, eat dinner at Good Karma (Indo-Persian food. That's a first for me. It was good, but Shawn was annoyed with our waitress. I liked her and actually enjoyed seeing Shawn annoyed with someone), and rented Killers from Redbox.
Friday-Sleep in!!! and I was really excited to take advantage of the resort's fitness center. I LOVED going to the gym in college and haven't been able to afford it since. So we got a good workout while eating unhealthy restaurant food. :) There are quite a few nice art galleries and museums to be seen so we just walked around downtown Park City and saw some pretty awesome famous paintings replicated by spools of thread. And, of course, some nice photo galleries. Then, we ate out at Good Thymes restaraunt (normal stuff). Hit up a few stores and then went back to the condo to watch Remember Me that we rented. Yeah, we like movies. :)
Saturday-Sleep in!! Worked out, then went to the resort's awesome adult pool. It was so nice and relaxing. Went on a walk and found a Scarecrow Festival. Great photo op!
I told Shawn he needs to learn how to use my camera so he can take in-focus pictures of me! I told him a few things about what some of the settings meant and he came up with this picture. I'm so proud!
 Shawn wanted a picture with the tin man. :)
 I figured the girls would like this one.
Look how gorgeous! I love aspen trees! Anyone for a photo shoot in Park City??? It's got it all!

After our little walk, we were listening to the BYU game on the radio and they were actually winning! So Shawn, of course, wanted to see the game and our condo didn't get the right station so we went looking for a tv with the game. The Marriott had the game. So we watched for only about 10 minutes until it was half time. We needed to go have dinner anyway so we could make it to the movie theater on time. We ate at The Bridge (an American-Brazilian place so Shawn was happy) and it had the BYU game! Shawn was even more happy. We had to leave before the game was over to catch our movie, but it seemed like BYU was going to win and they did! It's amazing! We went and saw Inception finally. Holy cow is that movie good! It certainly makes you think. Those kind of movies are my absolute favorite!

Sunday-NO sleeping in. Get ready, pack up, and head out. We made it home an hour before church and missed our girls so much! They were all well taken care of. It's so nice we never had to worry about them. Oh...I guess only for a few hours. When I was getting ready to leave Cambree said her ear hurt and my mom kept calling to tell me that she was in a lot of pain. Luckily, Shawn's brother is a PA and called in a prescription for us so she wouldn't have to go to the doctor. When we got home she was fine!
It's definitely refreshing to be away. I feel all rejuvenated and like I can be a better wife and mother. Everybody needs a break like that.


Helen Macfarlane said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I LOVE Park City this time of year. Actually, I just love this time of year.
That drink in front of Shawn is making me thirsty.

MyKel said...

congrats! I am excited you got to go! I think those are the best weekends.

tracie said...

What a fun trip. I am jealous. I want to know more about the coupons.