Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grandparents Day

The 2nd grade does a whole program for parents are invited...unless, of course, your grandparents can't come. Brinley had Shawn's parents come and my mom come. I got my mom to take some video so I could at least see a little of the program. I can't believe how many songs and actions they learned so fast. It seems like school just started. They sang "I Can't Spell Hippopotamus", "Zoodeo" (or something), "I Can Hear the Falling Rain", "Whattalee Otcha", a Spanish song, "It's Me", "Best Friends Should Be Together", and more. So cute. Then, they took Brinley out for ice cream afterwards. She is lucky to have such wonderful grandparents.
My mom took one picture of Shawn's parents and Brinley. I wish she would've done one of herself.

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