Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The next day, we went on a field trip with Cambree's preschool to Cornbelly's. We've never been there before so it was a lot of fun ending with my 5 YO throwing her little pumpkin and telling me she's not leaving and trying to run away. Yeah, she still acts like a 2 YO sometimes.
But before that happened, all the kids went on slides, swing, jumping pillow, mazes, duck races, hay ride, corn pit, etc. There was so much to do! I was amazed when I kept seeing more and more. Sadie was really good at staying in her stroller most of the time too. I did let her get out and crawl on the jump pillow. :)
The cute kids posing with the school bus. Cambree kept thinking she was going to ride in a bus for the field trip. I'm glad she wasn't too disappointed when it was just me driving her.
I love that she's smiling. She knows I'm taking her picture. I've got her trained good...a little too good!

I love how calm and content she looks in the picture while bouncing. Didn't think this would make her calm. I just might need one of these.

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