Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cambree's Birthday!

My little Cambree is now 5! She turned 5 last week and I found out that she was having all her friends countdown until her birthday. So everyone knew when it was.

Her birthday was last Wednesday but because Shawn has scouts we went to Pirate Island on Tuesday. We do friend parties every other year so she chose to go to Pirate Island. We invited my brother and his family to come. Arrrrr!!

Watch where you're pointing that thing!!
  The spoils!
Sadie was so good and just stayed in her stroller. It helped that there were all sorts of games going on. She tried to eat a few. :)

On Cambree's actual birthday, we went to McDonald's and got Happy Meals and took them to Brinley's school to eat lunch with her. She was so happy since I've never done that before. She also informed me that moms can go out on the playground too. So we did. Cambree had fun playing with Brinley and her friends and feeling all big. I couldn't ever really tell what they were playing. Just lots of running and chasing and something about pretending the pine needles being poisonous...
Here's the lovely purple pig cake that Cambree wanted. As tradition, I made it. It's one of the better cakes that I've made, I have to say. I'm by no means a cake decorator! And she wanted the rainbow chip frosting...so it's a pig with chicken pox!
When Shawn got home from work, we had cake and presents. Of course Barbie is the favorite. :)
On her birthday, she kept telling me that it was her birthday and she could do whatever she wanted. Not exactly. I didn't make her do any jobs or clean her room but that's about the extent of it. She was a little disappointed to say the least.


Darci said...

I love the cake! And that Barbie rocks. I want one.

Tawnie said...

I think I see my little one having lunch in the background. I think Mcdees and school is a fun idea and I might copy it. Thanks for sharing. Cambree had my kids counting down over here for her bday. It is true.

Helen Macfarlane said...

You are doing such a wonderful job with these cute girls! So very cute!! I love the cake!! Great pictures too. Cambree is so grown up and beautiful.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday, Cambree! I just love your smile and how you like things just the way you like them! You're such a fun niece...and I sure love ya!