Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cambree Bambree

I already posted about her birthday, but I also must share the photos from her photo shoot I did last week.
To go with the pictures, I want to document what she's like at this age.
-She has so much personality I wonder where she got it from since I think Shawn and I are a little blah. -She is a little social bug (that I know came from me!) and ALWAYS has to be playing. In fact, just tonight she said she missed her friends and didn't get to play with anyone. I then told her 2 of the friends she in fact had played with today!
-She LOVES preschool and is picking up on things quickly. She loves to "read" the books that get sent home. Her teacher said she's good in school except when her mind is set on something, like sitting next to someone she wants to sit next to. She's a little stubborn...hmm...I wonder who she got that from...
-She's got a loose tooth already, but doesn't want me to pull it out. WAY different than Brinley.
-She still has a naughty streak. Just this week she got out the nail polish and tried to do her nails...or paint her legs and got a little on the carpet. :)
-She still loves to dance and takes it quite seriously.
Even though she keeps us on our toes, we love our Cambree Bambree (as she calls herself)!

Now, on to the pictures! I asked my neighbor if I could borrow her cute, retro stroller for Cambree's shoot. It was perfect! I would tell Cambree to talk to the baby and right away she started talking and smiling to the baby doll. It was so cute!
This old lady was walking her dog and of course Cambree can't resist dogs so was just petting her. Then the lady asked if we wanted a picture with the dog. Of course we would!

Right when I took this one, BAM! I knew it was THE one.
Sorry for all the pics. I don't know how to stop when it's my own. :) To see a few more, check out my photo blog.


Katie said...

she is so cute. Love the pics. noticed the fallen leaves and the rope for the dog all matched with some red that worked out great!

J and Company said...

Oh you should never apologize for adorable pictures of your own kids on your blog! I so agree about the last picture, that is THE shot! I love the processing color/edits you did. Is it too nosy to ask what you used, I LOVE them!

MyKel said...

they look great! I am so impressed you make time to do this. I find it is hard to make the appt. I don't even have to take the pictures!!

Missy said...

Jen, no it's never too nosy to ask a friend what edits I use! I did finally buy the very expensive MCP action "Quickie Collection" that has changed my processing and sharpness. I LOVE it!
I also bought a few cheapies that I used for the vintage ones from this site:
Fun stuff!

Darci said...

beautiful pictures! She is such a cutie and I love her hair in these pictures.

Kris said...

She looks so beautiful! Great job on the hair and pics!

Helen Macfarlane said...

I love the black and white one and the last one, too. I have a *thing* about the rule of thirds and freak out if eyes aren't right across the top "thirds" line. Can you say OCD?