Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sadie's 1st Birthday!!

Oh man! I can't believe my baby turned 1 (on August 28th)! She is getting so big too fast!
Her Birthday was on Saturday, but it was too crazy with soccer games and a photo shoot so we did it on Sunday. We just did a family party, but my side of the family were party-poopers. Only Tiffany came. Shawn's parents came and his older sister, Lynnette's family came. I bought a pinata so I needed more little kids to come so I invited my friend Nicole's family. Our kids are all the same ages.
We had dinner and cake...Sadie really enjoyed the cake:
Then we did presents. Good thing she has older sisters to show her what it's all about. She got some toys, books, and Baby Einstein DVDs. She opened those first and and didn't want to put them down! She didn't care about opening any other presents or playing with anything else. I couldn't believe it! It was really funny.
Here she is throwing a fit when someone took her movies away. Oh the drama!
Then, we gave her back her movies and went outside for the pinata. Sadie got the first hit. :) Then the other kids took turns smashing it. It actually took a long time and the kids got plenty of hits before it just fell off the tree. Then Shawn grabbed it and tore it open...candy went flying...the kids went running for it. Good times.
And here's Sadie enjoying the whole thing with Uncle Doug holding her, she is holding her DVD and also enjoying her candy from the pinata.
Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl.


J and Company said...

Ha! I'm such a punk, but my favorite picture is of her crying over someone taking her movies lol, so cute! Can't believe she is 1 already. The time flies by!

Jamie said...

She is so cute! I love the cake, I might have to copy it for Stella!

tracie said...

I love the cake face. Also a favorite.

esperanza said...

Sooo cute! (The girl and the cake!)