Friday, September 10, 2010


Now it's time to blog about Disneyland. Sorry that it's going to be another LONG post.
Since we did the Give a Day Get a Day Disney program Shawn, Brinley and I got free tickets for a day at Disneyland. We also couldn't make the trip any longer so we had to cram everything into one day. Like I said, my SIL Jody took Sadie back with her to Utah so we didn't have to have her there. What a blessing! Shawn's sister Melanie and her family (Moe and Casey) came with us. The night before, we planned our whole day out on Melanie is my kind of girl, planning the whole day! It worked like a charm! We hit some of the longer lines in the morning when they were shorter, did Mickey and Minnie's house in the afternoon (and the Princesses which was a LONG line), and then more rides in the evening using Fast Passes. It really was amazing. We didn't have to wait longer than 20 minutes and we rode rides that I've never even done. We didn't ever feel rushed or anything. It was great!
Here we are riding over to Pirate Island.
  The castle...nice picture.
The only bummer with RideMax was we didn't see any of the parades or shows. We did see the fireworks at night so that was cool, but not Fantasmic. We also didn't see too many characters roaming around. Alice in Wonderland was right at the entrance when we came in. Shawn and Cambree were waiting for his sister.
Brinley was so funny. She was too shy to talk to them. They kept asking her questions and she wouldn't say anything. I was surprised.
Here we are on Space Mountain. We decided not to make Cambree go on this one. And her FastPass didn't work so she stayed with Melanie.
Cambree was tall enough for all the rides, even Indiana Jones. She said that was her favorite ride (Brinley put her head down almost the whole time. Stinker! Then she said she wanted to go on it again. Once is all we had time for!)! That one and It's a Small World. Brinley said her favorite was Splash Mountain and It's a Small World. Hmm...I wouldn't have thunk. It was funny cuz every time we would get ready to go on a roller coaster ride she'd say she was scared and didn't want to go, but then we'd make her and as soon as we'd get off she'd say she wanted to do it again. I've got some brave girls...who also take after their momma!
The Princesses were definitely fun. We waited a long time to see them (Brinley was annoyed and just wanted to ride rides), but during the wait time, the girls got to go to a Royal Coronation where they taught them manners and how to dance. It was cute. They also got to hear Sleeping Beauty tell a story. So cute. When we finally did see some of the princesses it was only Ariel and Tianna. Ariel was so cute with the girls. I loved her! Tianna was more like "just take my picture" and did all these model poses. They also got to see Cinderella after the coronation.
Toon Town
Mickey Mouse!!
Minnie Mouse. Here we all are. I bet you couldn't tell that Shawn and Melanie are siblings. It's so crazy how much they look alike.
My hot man in the Roger Rabbit ride...and Brinley looking a little scared!

Ok, so quick story...we just finished walking around Toon Town when Melanie decided she needed to check and see if she still had her Disneyland tickets. They bought them cheap off eBay from a guy that buys 14 day passes. You get them from him in the morning and return them after you're done at Disneyland so he can give them to someone else the next day. (He keeps your driver's license so you bring them back!) So Melanie for sure wanted to keep track of them cuz that's a lot of moola she's be paying him if she lost them. She accidentally dropped them earlier but a lady told her, thank goodness. Anyway, she couldn't find the tickets. Not in her bag, or pockets or anything. They decided to go back to Toon Town to try and find them. They told us they'd meet up with us later. We started thinking more about it and how much that would be if they lost it. Probably like $1500 for 3 lost 14 day passes! A while later, we get a call from Moe. They found the tickets! And you wouldn't believe how. Moe looked in Mickey and Minnie's houses. Not there. Then remembered we had all used the bathrooms. He had a lady go in and check all the stalls. Nothing. Then he decided it was time to ask for help. So he prayed. As soon as he finished his prayer, Melanie calls and says she has the tickets. She remembered about the bathroom too and was heading over there. Out walks her old visiting teacher who had moved away. Before even saying anything she asks if those tickets were hers?!!  She fished them out of the toilet!! Can you believe it?!! It still can't. Heavenly Father sure knows how to answer prayers! It was awesome!
Tarzan's house. The kids were trying to beat their chests.

The girls loved the Buzz Lightyear ride too. This ride was the only one we got to do twice.
Oh man! What a day! We got there right as it opened and went home when it closed. We actually were done with all the rides at 11:30pm but Shawn insisted we keep riding until they closed. I was pooped and actually didn't ride the last ride. I know! I can't believe it myself!
Can't wait to go again. It was awesome. And going back to Utah without Sadie, we made it home in 9 1/2 hours. We still didn't get home early enough to get Sadie before she went to bed, so Jody brought her the next day. I sure missed my baby! She was happy to see us too.


Darci said...

I love Disneyland and I can't wait till we can take our little girl there to see all the princesses! How fun! I really like the family picture on your blog header! Oh and Cinderella looks like she is on something in that picture ha ha

Denise said...

Wow, that is an amazing story about the tickets!!

esperanza said...

Everytime I have been to Dinsneyland those darn characters have been so elusive! Way to go to get all of those good shots with the princesses ect. Fun trip! P.S. love the pic on the top of your blog - Christmas card pics??? :)

Mel said...

Great pictures and love the story about the tickets. Divine intervention for sure!

Kelly said...

Oh, I am so glad you all had so much fun were able to ride all the rides! Your girls are so brave! Brody used to be, but not so much right now. Too bad we couldn't get together, but maybe next time. :) I'll be at my parents house again the week before Christmas if you are going to be around. It would be fun to see you all again!