Sunday, September 19, 2010

Church Softball

This summer Shawn played church softball again. It's always fun to get out and watch your hubby do his thang. ;) It was even more fun when he'd hit some home runs. We had a pretty good team this year. They found out a guy in our ward who is deaf plays for a deaf softball league that even competes out-of-state. So, of course, they recruited him to play. He hit home runs too. So they made it all the way to regionals/finals/playoffs. They played all the playoff games on a Saturday. Alot of guys were hitting homers. Guys that have never hit home runs before. They were on fire and kept winning every game. During the 2nd to last game (the game before the championship game) it was close. In fact, the other team was up by one point. It was the last inning and we had last at-bats. Shawn went up to bat. We might even have had 2 outs...yeah...let's make this dramatic! So 2 outs, 1 run down, 1 guy on base. Shawn was feeling the pressure. So he hits the ball and WHAM! Out of the park! So we won by 1 run! It was pretty awesome. The next game they won, no problem. So they are the champs! It was pretty fun. The next day at church they were telling the story like it was legendary. Too fun!
Here's the team from someone's phone. :) Shawn has the T on his hat. It's hard to see everyone with the shadows from their hats.

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Denise said...

How cute, it's like a little league picture, only all grown up. It took me a few minutes, but I think I finally identified everyone. I didn't even know our ward had a softball team!