Monday, September 27, 2010

Cambree is FINALLY in Preschool!!

I know! Doesn't it seem like she should be in Kindergarten already??? If I can help it, I will never have an October baby again. It's the worst. And it doesn't help that our girls are so TALL!! Hopefully that helps in fending off the boys when they get older. :)
So, here she is. My big girl. When I was deciding where to send her, I did find a cheaper preschool (we're all about saving money!) but I'd have to drive her there 3X a week. It's just so easy to walk her around the corner. LOVE it! And it's nice that ALL her friends are in that preschool too. Lucky girl!
She's already learning so much. She's totally ready for this. The best part of this preschool, is on Fridays they take lunch and eat it at Preschool. That gives me 3.5 hours of time to myself...oh and Sadie. :)


J and Company said...

Ha I never thought of being tall a good way to keep away the boys, but you're probably right lol! Maddy is also a tall one, so I kinda know what you mean. I bet Cambree loves it, preschool is so great. :)

tracie said...

She is so pretty. She needs to stick with Nixon, he is tall too.