Monday, September 27, 2010

Cambree is FINALLY in Preschool!!

I know! Doesn't it seem like she should be in Kindergarten already??? If I can help it, I will never have an October baby again. It's the worst. And it doesn't help that our girls are so TALL!! Hopefully that helps in fending off the boys when they get older. :)
So, here she is. My big girl. When I was deciding where to send her, I did find a cheaper preschool (we're all about saving money!) but I'd have to drive her there 3X a week. It's just so easy to walk her around the corner. LOVE it! And it's nice that ALL her friends are in that preschool too. Lucky girl!
She's already learning so much. She's totally ready for this. The best part of this preschool, is on Fridays they take lunch and eat it at Preschool. That gives me 3.5 hours of time to myself...oh and Sadie. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

That Dang Ice Cream Truck

I wish he'd stop coming by...but then that would mean summer is over completely...hmm...
And why does she always smile like she's in pain?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sadie's 1 YO Photo Shoot

So I just HAD to try the First Birthday photo shoot with the cake and everything! She would get made when I needed to take the cake away. I wanted a few good ones before she destroyed it. Turns out, I didn't need to be that careful, she barely picked at it. She liked the dots too much.
I'm afraid she doesn't have too many milestones. Shawn said to Sadie, "You don't need to be smart when you're pretty." Uh...let's not say that....EVER AGAIN!!
-She is SUPER close to walking. My other girls didn't walk until 14 and 15 months so this is early for us. :)
-She sleeps through the night. Sometimes she wakes up at 4, 5 or 6 am, but we give her a bottle and she USUALLY falls back to sleep.
-Hmm...she likes food...but is still having issues with food texture.
-She a BIG snuggler! I love it since my other babies just wanted to move all the time. She does too but she'll snuggle for a second. It's so nice.
-What else? She doesn't say any words or wave bye-bye. Hmm...oh! She does play peek-a-boo. It's really cute when she hides behind something or covers her face. She thinks it's pretty funny.
-She loves to play with her sisters but isn't afraid to let them know when she's had enough!
We are sure smitten with our little Sadie and love her to bits!
First we did some normal 1 YO pics.
Here's her famous cheesy, squinty-eyes smile.
Here comes the Birthday Cake!!
I guess she was done with the tiara.
Shawn was helping me keep the cake away from her. Here she is anticipating its return.
Now, you can dig in!
I love my baby.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sadie's 1st Birthday!!

Oh man! I can't believe my baby turned 1 (on August 28th)! She is getting so big too fast!
Her Birthday was on Saturday, but it was too crazy with soccer games and a photo shoot so we did it on Sunday. We just did a family party, but my side of the family were party-poopers. Only Tiffany came. Shawn's parents came and his older sister, Lynnette's family came. I bought a pinata so I needed more little kids to come so I invited my friend Nicole's family. Our kids are all the same ages.
We had dinner and cake...Sadie really enjoyed the cake:
Then we did presents. Good thing she has older sisters to show her what it's all about. She got some toys, books, and Baby Einstein DVDs. She opened those first and and didn't want to put them down! She didn't care about opening any other presents or playing with anything else. I couldn't believe it! It was really funny.
Here she is throwing a fit when someone took her movies away. Oh the drama!
Then, we gave her back her movies and went outside for the pinata. Sadie got the first hit. :) Then the other kids took turns smashing it. It actually took a long time and the kids got plenty of hits before it just fell off the tree. Then Shawn grabbed it and tore it open...candy went flying...the kids went running for it. Good times.
And here's Sadie enjoying the whole thing with Uncle Doug holding her, she is holding her DVD and also enjoying her candy from the pinata.
Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl.

Church Softball

This summer Shawn played church softball again. It's always fun to get out and watch your hubby do his thang. ;) It was even more fun when he'd hit some home runs. We had a pretty good team this year. They found out a guy in our ward who is deaf plays for a deaf softball league that even competes out-of-state. So, of course, they recruited him to play. He hit home runs too. So they made it all the way to regionals/finals/playoffs. They played all the playoff games on a Saturday. Alot of guys were hitting homers. Guys that have never hit home runs before. They were on fire and kept winning every game. During the 2nd to last game (the game before the championship game) it was close. In fact, the other team was up by one point. It was the last inning and we had last at-bats. Shawn went up to bat. We might even have had 2 outs...yeah...let's make this dramatic! So 2 outs, 1 run down, 1 guy on base. Shawn was feeling the pressure. So he hits the ball and WHAM! Out of the park! So we won by 1 run! It was pretty awesome. The next game they won, no problem. So they are the champs! It was pretty fun. The next day at church they were telling the story like it was legendary. Too fun!
Here's the team from someone's phone. :) Shawn has the T on his hat. It's hard to see everyone with the shadows from their hats.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Children's Gardens

Am I really still posting about summer? I THINK this is the last of much to catch up on!
So, yeah, we did one last "field trip" to Thanksgiving Point's Gardens for Two Buck Tuesday. So literally the day before school we had a nice day out. A few people from the neighborhood joined us. :)
The water was great fun!
My cute girls.
Of course Sadie is stuck in the stroller again.
The big waterfall!
This is Cambree's favorite be onstage.
This place is so big! Last year we came and didn't do the same things that we did this year...and there's still more to see! Guess we'll go again next year too.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Now it's time to blog about Disneyland. Sorry that it's going to be another LONG post.
Since we did the Give a Day Get a Day Disney program Shawn, Brinley and I got free tickets for a day at Disneyland. We also couldn't make the trip any longer so we had to cram everything into one day. Like I said, my SIL Jody took Sadie back with her to Utah so we didn't have to have her there. What a blessing! Shawn's sister Melanie and her family (Moe and Casey) came with us. The night before, we planned our whole day out on Melanie is my kind of girl, planning the whole day! It worked like a charm! We hit some of the longer lines in the morning when they were shorter, did Mickey and Minnie's house in the afternoon (and the Princesses which was a LONG line), and then more rides in the evening using Fast Passes. It really was amazing. We didn't have to wait longer than 20 minutes and we rode rides that I've never even done. We didn't ever feel rushed or anything. It was great!
Here we are riding over to Pirate Island.
  The castle...nice picture.
The only bummer with RideMax was we didn't see any of the parades or shows. We did see the fireworks at night so that was cool, but not Fantasmic. We also didn't see too many characters roaming around. Alice in Wonderland was right at the entrance when we came in. Shawn and Cambree were waiting for his sister.
Brinley was so funny. She was too shy to talk to them. They kept asking her questions and she wouldn't say anything. I was surprised.
Here we are on Space Mountain. We decided not to make Cambree go on this one. And her FastPass didn't work so she stayed with Melanie.
Cambree was tall enough for all the rides, even Indiana Jones. She said that was her favorite ride (Brinley put her head down almost the whole time. Stinker! Then she said she wanted to go on it again. Once is all we had time for!)! That one and It's a Small World. Brinley said her favorite was Splash Mountain and It's a Small World. Hmm...I wouldn't have thunk. It was funny cuz every time we would get ready to go on a roller coaster ride she'd say she was scared and didn't want to go, but then we'd make her and as soon as we'd get off she'd say she wanted to do it again. I've got some brave girls...who also take after their momma!
The Princesses were definitely fun. We waited a long time to see them (Brinley was annoyed and just wanted to ride rides), but during the wait time, the girls got to go to a Royal Coronation where they taught them manners and how to dance. It was cute. They also got to hear Sleeping Beauty tell a story. So cute. When we finally did see some of the princesses it was only Ariel and Tianna. Ariel was so cute with the girls. I loved her! Tianna was more like "just take my picture" and did all these model poses. They also got to see Cinderella after the coronation.
Toon Town
Mickey Mouse!!
Minnie Mouse. Here we all are. I bet you couldn't tell that Shawn and Melanie are siblings. It's so crazy how much they look alike.
My hot man in the Roger Rabbit ride...and Brinley looking a little scared!

Ok, so quick story...we just finished walking around Toon Town when Melanie decided she needed to check and see if she still had her Disneyland tickets. They bought them cheap off eBay from a guy that buys 14 day passes. You get them from him in the morning and return them after you're done at Disneyland so he can give them to someone else the next day. (He keeps your driver's license so you bring them back!) So Melanie for sure wanted to keep track of them cuz that's a lot of moola she's be paying him if she lost them. She accidentally dropped them earlier but a lady told her, thank goodness. Anyway, she couldn't find the tickets. Not in her bag, or pockets or anything. They decided to go back to Toon Town to try and find them. They told us they'd meet up with us later. We started thinking more about it and how much that would be if they lost it. Probably like $1500 for 3 lost 14 day passes! A while later, we get a call from Moe. They found the tickets! And you wouldn't believe how. Moe looked in Mickey and Minnie's houses. Not there. Then remembered we had all used the bathrooms. He had a lady go in and check all the stalls. Nothing. Then he decided it was time to ask for help. So he prayed. As soon as he finished his prayer, Melanie calls and says she has the tickets. She remembered about the bathroom too and was heading over there. Out walks her old visiting teacher who had moved away. Before even saying anything she asks if those tickets were hers?!!  She fished them out of the toilet!! Can you believe it?!! It still can't. Heavenly Father sure knows how to answer prayers! It was awesome!
Tarzan's house. The kids were trying to beat their chests.

The girls loved the Buzz Lightyear ride too. This ride was the only one we got to do twice.
Oh man! What a day! We got there right as it opened and went home when it closed. We actually were done with all the rides at 11:30pm but Shawn insisted we keep riding until they closed. I was pooped and actually didn't ride the last ride. I know! I can't believe it myself!
Can't wait to go again. It was awesome. And going back to Utah without Sadie, we made it home in 9 1/2 hours. We still didn't get home early enough to get Sadie before she went to bed, so Jody brought her the next day. I sure missed my baby! She was happy to see us too.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hancock Family Reunion

Oh boy, Oh boy! This could be a long one. I'm thinking I'll have to break this up. I'll try and keep it short, but I don't know if that's possible. ;)
In August, we had an awesome Hancock Family Reunion in Monterey California. Shawn's sister, Melanie, planned it all (and did a GREAT job of it! VERY organized) and is the only one left that's living there. But we all don't mind going back to see how things have changed.
We left Saturday morning and traveled all day. We stayed the night in a hotel somewhere by Reno. Sunday morning we traveled some more. We broke up the drive a little and drove through Cupertino where Shawn lived all his life. We went to a fun park there and saw his old house.
We arrived in Marina (about 15 minutes from Monterey), checked into our condo that we shared with Melanie, Moe, and Casey, and then went to a church for a little fireside and testimony meeting. Melanie did a great talk about forgiveness and then we had a testimonies. It really set the right tone to start out the reunion. Barbara got up and cried as she testified of our Savior and how much her family means to her. She never cries so then we were all doomed. Even Shawn! In the 9 years we've been married, he's never shed a tear. And he still didn't but you know when your voice gets all emotional? Yeah, he did that. So I'm counting it. ;)
Monday-We all got up early and went to the beach for group pictures. BTW, our condos were right on the beach. It was pretty sweet! Then, my SIL did my family's pictures. She did a great job. It was actually pretty cold but some of the kids played at the beach for a bit before lunch, but after lunch we all headed to the heated pool. Then, we had pizza and a movie night. The kids were in one condo watching a movie, teens in another and adults in another. It's nice our baby monitor reached all the condos. :) We watched "Dan in Real Life". Always a fav.
This photo still needs some photoshopping. Like the white pipe needs to be taken out. :) But it's a great photo!
So I wanted a nice picture of Shawn and didn't work out too well. I guess we weren't "feelin' it".
I took a few of my girls. Check out more of our photos on my photo blog. :)
Here's everyone that got in the pool.
Tuesday-A jam-packed day! We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Shawn and I went there right after we were married. It was fun, but much funner with kids. They had a great time! I was surprised that they actually liked the exhibits and buttons to push more than seeing actual fish. Hmm.
Brinley did love watching the bat rays and wanted to touch one. She waited and waited and waited. The one time it came by she was too scared to touch it. Oh well. At least she could touch star fish and urchins at the touch pool.
 I could look at the jellyfish all day.
The Sea Horse exhibit was a hit.

After the Aquarium, we all met up at a nearby, AWESOME park. One of Shawn's aunts and uncle met us there along with a cousin and his family. It was REALLY cold and we didn't prepare for that, so we pretty much had dinner and left. Which was sad cuz the park had tons of climbing equipment, slides, a maze, an old train, etc.
All the grandkids!
Wednesday-It was actually a nicer morning with the sun out. We all played at the beach in the morning. We dug for sand crabs, played beach volleyball, water balloon toss, and an egg hunt in the sand.
 After lunch we all headed over to a church for the talent show. What's a family reunion without one? My MIL read a poem, we did a little music skit that was pretty funny, Bryce and Jody did a skit, Melanie and Moe sang while Casey played the drums...he's very good for a 4YO, my niece Jordyn danced, and Val recited a scary story to the kids. It was cute. Afterward, we played the "Shoe" game. I guess it's a tradition in the family but its the first time I've played it. It was funny cuz the ones that were left in the game were Shawn and his siblings. They're the best!
After the Talent Show, we had dinner then played games.
Thursday-Was a free day. Shawn planned to see some of his old friends from Elementary to High School, Jeremy and Ryan. We went over to Ryan's house and just visited. It's fun to hear old stories. The girls loved their dog. Sadie didn't mind that it licked her all over.
We left and headed to Santa Cruz for some serious beach time. I was planning on getting in my swim suit and's just been to cold...BUT it was the same story. Too cold. We all were sitting on the beach huddled up in our jackets and blankets. Only Brinley and Shawn braved the water and said it was fine once you were numb to it. Nice.
Oh, Brinley and I got a little lost as we were trying to find the beach that everyone was at. I was getting really worried we wouldn't find Shawn or anyone and I didn't have my phone. Brinley said she wasn't worried cuz she prayed. So I said a little prayer and we found Shawn shortly after that. Heavenly Father is always watching out for us.
That night we came home and went in the hot tub. Oh so nice!
Saturday-The wedding day! We headed down to the San Diego Temple (both the LA and Newport Beach temples were closed and the San Diego Temple had scaffolding all over...not great planning) for the wedding. The kids played at a nearby park since they would be bored waiting at the temple. And wait we did! We waited and waited for Layne. The temple workers didn't even know where he was. After a 1/2 hour they found him. They were talking to the temple president. If I were Breanne, I would be freaking out that Layne was getting cold feet. :) The ceremony was beautiful. Waiting for them outside was not. Can you believe that we were cold in San Diego in August? It was crazy!
We did a few pictures and then headed back to LA for the wedding luncheon. It was at a golf course clubhouse. We had yummy Mexican food and watermelon drinks? Yeah, it was interestingly good. The reception was really fun! They had good food and then a really fun dance party! We decided that our next reunion we need to have a dance party. The Hancocks really know how to get DOWN!!
Sunday-A few of the Hancocks already left to go home. So a few of us went to visit Shawn's brother, Kyle. He is in a mental hospital and I've actually only visited him once. Kids can't come so they played at a (kinda scary) nearby park. (Oh, I need to back up a little bit. My gracious SIL, Jody, said she would take Sadie so we could go to Disneyland the next day without Sadie. It was SO great to go without her! Jody traveled all the way back to Utah with her! That's a real sacrifice! They left Sunday morning. It was sad leaving Sadie but I knew she was in good hands.) Anyway, Shawn parent's, Shawn's sister and BIL, another one of Shawn's sisters and BIL and us all got to take turns seeing Kyle during visiting hours. He's definitely a Hancock. I wish I could've taken a picture to show what he looks like. He seems to be doing good but it's sad. We just can't wait until he can get out of there.
That night, we just hung out in our hotel room. Melanie took the kids to the pool for a little bit...Oh! and I took some pictures of their family since we didn't get time to at the beach. The beach would've been much better, but you do what you gotta do!
Casey loves to perform. He's so silly sometimes. Here's a superhero pose: Disneyland will definitely have to be a separate post. I'm tired of writing!