Monday, August 23, 2010


We did a few things in July despite it being a REALLY crazy month!
A new fun center opened up near us and we decided to check it out. We got my BFF and her family to come with us. Good times.
We wanted to "prep" the girls for Disneyland and go on the little roller coaster, but it wasn't working at the time. Bummer. We really want them to go on all the rides at Disneyland. No babies!
Anyway, here they are at the bumper/floating boats. They had a good time getting each other wet.
 Let's face it. These moments are so rare I'm glad I captured it. :)
Can't wait for Disneyland!!

Also, for a field trip we went to Liberty Park. The oil spill is all cleaned up. I'm so glad we got to go this summer. A few moms came along. All girls again!!! (with one little baby boy) But the little Canyon part was closed!! I think that happened last time I went there. Lame!
Here are the older bunch:
And another stroller picture of my bathing beauty. :)

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