Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

I guess my blog will be a little out-of-order since I still need to blog my trip. But its the first day of school! Today was a really great day! There wasn't AS MUCH fighting from my girls! I think both Brinley and Cambree were ready to be separated for a little bit. They were both getting on each other's nerves.
I walked Brinley to school which was followed by a much-needed walk/workout. I hope to get into some kind of routine now that school's back. I went to the store with only 2 KIDS (big improvement) and Cambree played with friends all day. Very nice.
Anyway, here are the cute back2school pics. She insisted on picking out what she wanted to wear. I just insisted on the red shoes. :) She's a cutie!
Here she is going in to school. This doesn't really even look like her.


Tara said...

Happy back to school!!! As much as I love summer and the freedom and the long trips, it's good to get back into a routine, isn't it? Brinley looks so very grown up!

esperanza said...

She is so cute! I remember a few outfits for the first day of school my mom should have interferred with....but no need to interfere there! So cute!