Sunday, August 1, 2010

Davis Family Reunion

This reunion was not just my brother and sisters, but the whole Davis side...cousins and all! There were probably about 90 of us. My Aunt Marilyn headed up the whole thing and found a GREAT place to accommodate all of us in Island Park Idaho. Right close to Yellowstone. Each family got a cabin(s). Ours fit all 14 of us...we all got beds, even the kids! It was nicer than my house.
The first day was basically a travel day. We all got there around dinner time. My aunt's family was in charge of dinner and we all had yummy fajitas while visiting and getting reacquainted.Then, we went back to the cabin and got the kids to bed at a decent hour, then the adults stayed up too late (every night) playing games.

The next day was off to a bad start. Brinley threw-up right before we were heading out to Yellowstone. She said she felt better so we figured maybe she just needed to get something out of her system. Nope. She threw-up in the car, so we turned around and went back to the cabin. Shawn said he'd stay home (as long as we saw the geysers the next day. That's all he wanted to see) with her and he kept Sadie too, which was very nice. So it was just me, Cambree, and Tiff (my sister) in our car trying to catch-up to my parents and sister's family in Yellowstone. We waited for 45 minutes to get into Yellowstone, but eventually found them 6 hours later at Yellowstone Falls. We were able to see PLENTY of buffalo and elk all along the way too.

This is what you get when you have someone else (Mandy!) take your picture with your fancy camera. And that is why I never have pictures of myself!
We made a big loop and saw Mammoth Rock. The last time I was in Yellowstone (probably 15 years ago) that was my favorite. It was pretty cool. We also enjoyed seeing dozens of elk lounging on the grass.
Needless to say, we made it back to dinner about 2 hours late. We drove SO MUCH that day! After dinner, we were going to do a program or something but we got rained out. So I planned to play games with some of our cousins after we got the kids to bed. My mom was nice enough to stay with the kids. It was fun hanging out with my cousins. We just don't see them enough!
Saturday, we a little crazy in the morning. Sadie threw-up in the night. I figured my mom would be happy to stay back at the cabin with her...but when my mom woke up, she could barely walk! Her toe was KILLING her. So, we both ended up staying behind while everyone else went to see Old Faithful and some other geysers. I threatened Shawn (and my sisters) to take LOTS of pictures! But I still don't see one of Old Faithful, just video. Oh well. So while I slept (2 hours!!) Shawn took Brinley and Cambree (which I'm very glad Brinley was feeling better) to see more at Yellowstone.
Here's what they saw:
A bubbling geyser.
This geyser was spewing water all the time and you could get wet from it.
Aren't they the cutest? I wish they always looked like this.
They even made it back by 3:00. My mom was stressing about the meal we'd have to feed everyone and wanted them back at that time. She was a doubter though! Her toe was almost back to normal after meds and ice and we got our tacos served to everyone on time. Everyone ate and then we had to fit a big family picture and program and hope that it wouldn't rain that night.
We started off with a song to the tune of "Scripture Power" that my aunt made up. We made up the verses. Then my aunt had this idea to make a human family tree. My cousin's husband took the picture from on top of the swing set. I was more worried for the camera than him. ;)

The makings of a tree:
Tiff's leaf on her tree:
My Grandpa passed away so my aunt had a blanket made of him. My Grandma looks cute sitting next to him again.
I did all the individual family pictures. No way was I climbing up on a swing set! Not even for a picture! And my sister, Tiffany, designed the t-shirts. Pretty cute!
The night ended with marshmellow wars for the kids while the girls went to a baby shower for my cousin, Darci. She's having a girl! Which is actually amazing for this family. Most of the great-grandkids are boys. I'm talking like 40 boys and 10 girls. Yes, I'm the winner for the most girls in one family.
Sunday, we went to Sacrament Meeting which was interesting. They get so many visitors in the summer that they have their church they meet in and also a building where they show the meeting on a screen. And with all those visitors, we saw some people we know. Shawn's cousin and family of some friends of ours. Small world.
And lastly, as soon as we got home, we went over to the hospital to see my brother's new baby (yeah, they didn't go to the reunion). She was born on Saturday. They named her Annie Nicole. What a sweetie.
Proud Mommy.
Wow! This turned out to be a LONG post! But it is filled with goodness! Family and a new baby...what could be better than that?


Denise said...

That looks like a GREAT reunion, and you look like you have a great family. So much fun! Well, except the throwing up. Yuck.

Amber said...

Fun! I'm now thinking I want to go to Yellowstone. . .