Tuesday, August 3, 2010

24th of July

Here in Utah we celebrate the 24th of July-the day the Pioneers reached the SL valley. I love it because we celebrate this occasion and Shawn gets an extra day of work off. :) This year, we went out to Tooele. My mom was in charge of the parade and carnival there. The kids really wanted to do both. Little did I know, that I was needed to be in the parade. Ugh. My sisters kids were there too. So I was walking along with little 4YO Dylan...not even 1/2 way through the parade he was too tired to go on.
People offered to have him ride in their float. No.
Ride in their stroller? No.
Get on my back? No.
Carry you? Yes. I couldn't do that for very long. So then the conversation would start all over again. Finally, he opted to get on my back, but that put us so far back in the parade that someone again offered to have him ride in their float. He kicked and screamed so they said I could get in too. So I did. He fought it a little bit but then was happy. I totally know how that can be. I could see Cambree doing that same thing. Can't you?
So AFTER the parade, we hung out at the carnival. The girls mostly wanted their faces painted. So stood in the LONG line for probably 45 minutes so they could do some of the other booths. Why do they want to paint their faces when we just have to wash it off 2 hours later! But I guess they do look cute even though the pioneer dress and tiger face just don't mesh well.
Sadie didn't have her 2nd nap, so the evening went a little like this:
Hope you had a great 24th!

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Angie said...

I'm so glad you put up with Dylan! Thanks for helping him out with that.