Friday, July 2, 2010

Splash Park

It was another great field trip to the Splash Park. Lots of friends from the neighborhood showed up so it was really fun for the kids and moms. :)
Cambree wouldn't let go of Megan's hand. She found a new friend. Megan was so nice to put up with her. The older girls were so great with watching out for all the little ones.
This is all Sadie wanted to do:

And this:
Brinley is always all over the place. Have I mentioned that she LOVES water? Good times.


J and Company said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for the comment, you said it just right as always. love ya

Tara said...

What great pictures! Don't you love this part of summer??

Helen Macfarlane said...

I always seem to miss picture days! Great photos Missy!

Pearson's said...

Looks fun, where is this splash park?

esperanza said...

I love these photos because each one could tell a story! :D