Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Baby Model

I have so many other things to catch-up about, but I wanted to post this. The website is FINALLY up with the pictures from Sadie's shoot! They are cute but I swear she was smiling in some of them. Oh well. She has her picture in 3 different spots. Here is the website:
This one shows up on the home page:
This one shows up when you go to buy this sling:
And this one is in the gallery. They also sell baby legs.
I really wish Sadie could've lasted longer so we could do the outdoor ones. Those are my fav. It was such a fun experience, though. Hopefully I find more opportunities like that, but it's not very likely.


tracie said...

O my goodness. Those are awesome. She looks so cute.

Kris said...

They turned out great!

Sants said...

She is hands down, the cutest baby on their website. And I'm not just saying that cause we're sort of related. She is a doll!

Heather Curtis said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing to have a child model. My son is the perfect age for her.. ha ha :) She is adorable! I love your blog. It has been fun to read it. You can check out mine at:
See you Sunday!

Helen Macfarlane said...

This only thing missing in this picture is her own beautiful mother!

It's no secret--I adore this girl! :-)

esperanza said...

Did they let you have a sling or keep those super adorable little zebra leg warmers???

Missy said...

Unfortunately neither one. But they did pay $150 so that's worth it!