Friday, June 11, 2010

Wheeler Farm

For the summer I made a little Field Trip schedule to do one field trip a week. I emailed out to my neighbors so if anyone wanted to come with they sure could! So this week we went to Wheeler Farm. The two neighbors that came also have 3 girls. What are the odds of that? So I guess it's a good thing no boys were there, they would've have liked it...or maybe they would have. ;)
We fed the ducks, even though they weren't the least bit interested, saw some farm animals, played in the playhouses, and had a pony ride. I was actually surprised that Cambree rode the pony. She's usually too scared. I guess she's growing up!
It's sad that I never have pictures of Sadie when we go out. She's always in her stroller. So this is what you get...eating with her mouth open!
I don't know why I took so many pictures...maybe cuz I actually brought my nice camera. Such a difference!

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MyKel said...

great pictures! love the horses and chickens.