Monday, June 28, 2010

Sadie-10 Months

Wow! Where has the time gone? Seriously! I feel like she's all of the sudden doing so much now.  It's so fun! The girls are always saying how cute she is. We just love her!
-She's starting to really jabber. And one of the things she says is "Da-da"...not intentionally. I don't think.  But still! No ma-ma? She also does the f sound really well and ba-ba.
-She crawls all over and has been pulling herself up lately. I can't believe it! My girls were SO slow! She just might be walking at one! We'll see.
-She loves pretty much every food we put in front of her. Not picky, which is good cuz that's Shawn' pet peeve.
-She LOVES her daddy! As soon as he comes in the door, she's whining for him to pick her up! Which is fine with me!
-She likes to put her mouth on everything she touches...including other babies. And I'm realizing she's not very nice. Anytime she's near another baby, she always wants what they have and she'll take it from them. Since she is bigger than most of them, she usually wins.
-She likes to be the loudest of all. I thought the 3rd kid was supposed to be calm and quiet. Nope! She screams louder than the girls. And when we're at church singing, she likes to be louder than everyone singing. And she's serious about it too.


fabules said...

Missy, she is adorable! I can see why you all love her so much.

Andrea Brown said...

What a cutie!!! Aren't they so fun!!! My third is way different than I thought. She is so easy, and willing to give out the love. It's so nice, cause Emma wasn't that way - Emma was so miss-independent.

Tara said...

She is so darling - I don't think you have any choice but to absolutely ADORE her. :)

Helen Macfarlane said...

I love this little girl!! (Love all your girls!) Tonight at snow cones she was trying to talk to me and tell me about something. It was the cutest thing. Whenever I see her I just want to eat her up!

Angie said...

I just love Sadie! And she is always picture-perfect! It's those beautiful eyes. That girl will have an awesome scrapbook.

Evelynn is Miss Independent and my screamer. I know she was really good in Moab, but that's because she wasn't home. When she is home, she is in her element and she is 100% herself...she's good, but she is BUSY and NOISY.