Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So Moab was awesome! I think of all landscapes, Southern Utah is the best and most interesting. I just love it and never tire of it.
We met my sister and her family (from AZ) there for Memorial Day weekend. Shawn couldn't get off work quite as early as everyone else wanted to leave, so my parents came and took Brinley and Cambree with them so we could go later with Sadie, my sister and her fiance. That was a nice, relaxing afternoon with only one child. :)
We got to Moab around 8:30pm and to our campsite. All the tents were set up. Another bonus to leaving later. :) That night we just stayed up talking and getting things situated. AND getting the girls to sleep. The first night is ALWAYS the worst night. I think I got maybe 4 hours of sleep with just not being able to sleep and Sadie and Cambree getting up. Blah. Not fun.
Surprisingly, with just a little bit of sleep I held up pretty well with all the hiking we did. The girls did well too. On the other hand, my brother's son was fevered and not doing too well. He and my mom had to take it easy and skip the hiking. We hiked Delicate Arch first. The best hike EVER! So we for sure did that one first. And it never disappoints!
My favorite people:
Then we went to the Windows section and hiked Double Arch. Then, the kids were done! What? Our girls could've done longer but their cousins were done.
Isn't she a doll? She did so good hiking! Even falling DEEPLY asleep. I just love her even if she keeps me up at night. :)
This is the only picture of Double Arch I have and it's of the engaged couple. :)
After a day of hiking, we went back to camp and roasted hot dogs and smores. Then we got the kids to bed (all one at a time...we're getting smarter!). Sadie fell asleep standing up! She was wiped out! The rest of us sang around the campfire, played 2 truths and a lie and Spoono until midnight. Good times!
The next day was Sunday and yes, my mother insisted we all go to church even though we were camping. How fun is it trying to get everyone showered and ready early enough but stay clean while playing in the dirt? Not fun. But we all made it a little late. The reason my mom insisted is because we used to live in Moab and she wanted to see some old friends. Yup, 22 years later. Turns out, it was the homecoming of a friend of mine's parents. How crazy is that? So I even got to see her. It's been YEARS but she still looks kinda the same. It was fun talking to her and reminiscing some. The thing I remembered most about her is her Barbie collection. She had a lot!
After church, we drove around a little bit to see our old house and other places. Then, we went back to camp for some down time. After all the kids got some quiet time, we went on a drive down the river. We saw Indian drawings and hiked to some dinosaur tracks.
While Angie & Rob went back to camp to fix dinner, the rest of us took the kids to one of our favorite parks growing up hoping they'd still have ducks to feed. And they did! There was also a fun stream for the kids to play in while others played frisbee. It was a perfect day.

I have a picture of me and Angie when we were toddlers against this same fence, so I had to get one of my girls. My dad's picture was way cuter though with balloons and us looking cute. This one...not so much. :)
She's on the prowl! My baby is crawling now! It's so cute and I still can't believe it...but I guess it's time. She is 9 months.
All the grandkids! I was frustrated that I didn't have my rapid-fire camera.
The next day, we packed up camp and headed out. My sister and her family went one way and we went the Goblin Valley!! LOVE this place! It was hot, but always worth it. Shawn did a little more exploring this time with my dad while the rest of us played Sardines. Always a fav when we go there. I wish we had more time but we needed to head back and it's good when did cuz the traffic in Spanish Fork canyon was horrendous!
I thought this looked like a fun spot for a picture, but Cambree didn't. :)
My Hero!
And my cute, Sadie baby asleep again. I just love her squishy cheeks!

It was a great trip! I can't wait to do it again! Sadie is still catching up on her sleep. Good for me. :)


Nat said...

Looks like fun. I can't believe you went to church while camping that is dedication. We are headed out Friday night for Moab and I hope our trip goes as well.

J and Company said...

Wow, I am always impressed when people go on vacation and HIKE! Me, I'm too lazy. But you guys making hiking look fun, and your girls are all so darn cute. That Sadie is getting so big and those cheeks are adorable. I had a good laugh about her falling asleep standing up and had to show John.

tracie said...

What a fun trip. We might try camping in tents this summer. Can't wait for saturday.

Angie said...

That was such a fun trip. And you've already blogged about it! My feet still feel like they're recovering.

Thanks for sharing the memories. I love the pictures.

Katie said...

how fun! Someday we'll make it back to have a good experience there! That picture with shawn on the rock is positioned just right he looks like he has massive calf muscles!!

Tara said...

What a great trip! I miss hiking in the mountains - and for all that time I lived in UT I never ONCE went to Moab! But it sounds like a fantastic place - maybe next time I'm in town.... (and I love Sadie's cheeks, too - and lips and eyes and eyelashes - what a gorgeous baby!!!!)

Tooele Brezoff said...

looks like alot of fun! I prefer the hotel sleeping lol did you make it to Eddie McStiffs?

Tawnie said...

Looks like fun. I am glad to get a link to your blog!