Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brinley's 7 Years Old!!

WoW! Where has the time gone, itellya! She is one smart girl too. Every other year we do a friend party. This year was her family party so she could choose wherever she wanted to go with the family. She thought of a few places and then asked, "Will I get more presents if we don't go anywhere?" I said, "Yeah". Of course that'll be cheaper than taking the family somewhere. So she opted to stay home and get another present.
I still wanted to make that day special and thought shopping for dresses for my sister's wedding would be fun. Cambree was all over it, Brinley...not so much. I should've known. So I thought about what her favorite thing to do is and that would be swimming. So we went up to my MIL's to swim. The girls had a blast! I didn't get in for fear that it would be be too cold. Not so. I did let Sadie kick around a little and she loved it. Her first time in the pool! We all had a great time.

That night, I invited my family to come over (Shawn's family celebrates birthdays all at once during the month). So there were a few people there. We had dinner, presents, and cake. Easy-peasy! Everyone had to leave but Mandy and Nate so we played a few rounds of Uno as Brinley requested. :)

She wanted a polka-dot cake and I had a vision...BUT it got a little messed up when the girls wanted to help. Oh well. It's her cake!

And this was HUGE again! Her blowing out her own candles! Every year she gets more and more brave ever since her 2YO birthday cake. She still said she was nervous but she did it!
She's such a cute girl! We love you, Brinley! I'll have to do her photo shoot soon. I've got a fun idea in mind!


J and Company said...

I can't believe she is already 7! She is such a cute girl, I can't wait to see what you come up with her birthday pictures (I really need to do that!) Looks like a fun day!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Brinley! Such a fun day! Your girls are so cute! Love all the pictures!

tracie said...

Can''t wait to see the fun idea.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday to Brinley! I can't believe how big these kids are getting! She is darling.

esperanza said...

It was fun to see you last month and reminisce with Kelly about how we visited you in the hospital when you had Brinley! :D

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Brinley! I'm glad you had a fun day with your family. And you got to go swimming! How fun! I love your cake!

Aunt Angie

Helen Macfarlane said...

What a great birthday!! How fun that she thought through her options and chose to get one more present. Smart girl. I'm dying to know what happened with the two year old cake. Did she burn herself?