Monday, June 28, 2010

Sadie-10 Months

Wow! Where has the time gone? Seriously! I feel like she's all of the sudden doing so much now.  It's so fun! The girls are always saying how cute she is. We just love her!
-She's starting to really jabber. And one of the things she says is "Da-da"...not intentionally. I don't think.  But still! No ma-ma? She also does the f sound really well and ba-ba.
-She crawls all over and has been pulling herself up lately. I can't believe it! My girls were SO slow! She just might be walking at one! We'll see.
-She loves pretty much every food we put in front of her. Not picky, which is good cuz that's Shawn' pet peeve.
-She LOVES her daddy! As soon as he comes in the door, she's whining for him to pick her up! Which is fine with me!
-She likes to put her mouth on everything she touches...including other babies. And I'm realizing she's not very nice. Anytime she's near another baby, she always wants what they have and she'll take it from them. Since she is bigger than most of them, she usually wins.
-She likes to be the loudest of all. I thought the 3rd kid was supposed to be calm and quiet. Nope! She screams louder than the girls. And when we're at church singing, she likes to be louder than everyone singing. And she's serious about it too.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Balloon Fun!

We've had a few birthdays so we've had lots of balloons around the house! Good times!

Sadie has become obsessed. Don't EVEN think about stealing a balloon from her! You'll definitely hear about it!

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Dear Cambree

This girl is always up to something it seems, but I guess it goes in spurts. She's been kinda naughty lately with drawing on things and getting into stuff, but we won't go into that. I wanted to record the latest thing that happened. Now that it's summer, she goes around from house to house. She's usually very good at telling me where she is and what house she's headed off to next. But not this time. I needed to go to the store, so I took Sadie and Shawn was watching the girls while mowing the lawn. When I came home, Shawn said he couldn't find Cambree. He said he saw her last at the neighbor's house wanting to see their kittens but when he (and Brinley) called to her under their garage (they were gone and left the garage door open about a foot) she didn't answer. We went to all the usual neighbor's houses looking for her with no luck. We have great neighbors and a bunch of them started helping us look for her. After about 10 minutes of looking without finding, I started getting nervous. Finally, I hear that she's been found. And guess where? Yup! In the neighbor's garage with the kittens! That stinker! She didn't want to answer. She wanted to play with the kittens. After the neighbors got home, I took Cambree over to tell them what happened. Luckily, the kittens didn't wander off. She told me she didn't put them back in their box. Oh boy! I swear this girl is giving me all my wrinkles!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bridal Veil Falls

Continuing on with the Field Trip once a week, we went to Bridal Veil Falls this week. We started off at a hot dog stand in Vivian Park. A girl in the group's brother owns it, so we thought we'd stop in and have a hot dog. Then, we headed down to the "hike" to Bridal Veil. Really, not much of a hike at all, but just long enough for some of the younger ones.
The kids LOVED climbing up the rocks and playing in the COLD water! Not me!
 Even though I told Cambree to wear her water shoes, she still ended up with these somehow. Not exactly waterproof.
And again, Sadie never left her stroller. Poor girl was really getting sick of it...and she's looking kind of sick here. That dang sunscreen she rubs in her eyes and it makes her nose run. I'm starting to wonder if she's allergic to sunscreen. I've tried a few different kinds. Even Aveeno Baby. Hmmm....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

So Friday was my Birthday. My 30th to be exact. I don't know when I'll start feeling it, but I've already gave Sadie all my brains. I get words/names mixed up all the time now and that never happened before. Oh the only gets worse, I'm sure.
We had a pretty low-key day since I didn't know what Shawn had in the works. Even though I said it would be an awesome present if he could take the day off work, he couldn't. So me and the girls got Subway and had a picnic at our little park with a fun creek. It was nice.

For months I told Shawn I wanted a surprise party for my 30th birthday since I've never had a surprise party in my life and didn't think anyone could pull it off on me. He did NOT want to do that. I threw him one and he hated it. I even asked family and friends if they got invited to my surprise party. Everyone seemed like they didn't know what I was talking about so I was convinced Shawn wasn't going to do that. He wanted to surprise me with what we were doing so all he told me was to dress nice. So, he came home from work, the babysitter came over, and we went out to dinner at the Pizza Factory. One of my favs. We had a nice dinner and then we needed to head out to get to our next event. We get on the freeway and he looks around the car for a minute and says he can't believe he forgot the tickets. I thought, "Well that's typical". So we go back to the house and he runs in to get the "tickets". He comes back out and says, "You've gotta see what Cambree did. She wrote all over the walls with marker." I told him that it doesn't surprise me cuz she wrote all over her legs today with marker. So I follow him inside and everyone yells, "Surprise!" I couldn't believe that he tricked me! He did it! Most of my family and Shawn's were there and my BFF. It was great! We had cake, presents (which I got some pretty good ones and cards), and played games. It was really great. I have such a wonderful husband for listening to me and granting my wish!
Me and my cute dunce hat. :)
Nicole, you're next!!
Playing "Spoono". My SIL just foolin' around.
The next day I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, did a bridal shoot, and got a ticket for having an expired registration. At least it wasn't ON my birthday. I can't believe we didn't renew it back in October! I told you I'm loosing my brain!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Love...

...looking at this in my freezer.

A while back I went out to Tooele to make strawberry jam with my mom. It was so fun to be with her and trying to be domestic. :) I also got to go out to lunch to say good-bye to a great friend. She's moving away. I hate it when that happens. But that's life! Love you, Jenn!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wheeler Farm

For the summer I made a little Field Trip schedule to do one field trip a week. I emailed out to my neighbors so if anyone wanted to come with they sure could! So this week we went to Wheeler Farm. The two neighbors that came also have 3 girls. What are the odds of that? So I guess it's a good thing no boys were there, they would've have liked it...or maybe they would have. ;)
We fed the ducks, even though they weren't the least bit interested, saw some farm animals, played in the playhouses, and had a pony ride. I was actually surprised that Cambree rode the pony. She's usually too scared. I guess she's growing up!
It's sad that I never have pictures of Sadie when we go out. She's always in her stroller. So this is what you get...eating with her mouth open!
I don't know why I took so many pictures...maybe cuz I actually brought my nice camera. Such a difference!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brinley's 7 Years Old!!

WoW! Where has the time gone, itellya! She is one smart girl too. Every other year we do a friend party. This year was her family party so she could choose wherever she wanted to go with the family. She thought of a few places and then asked, "Will I get more presents if we don't go anywhere?" I said, "Yeah". Of course that'll be cheaper than taking the family somewhere. So she opted to stay home and get another present.
I still wanted to make that day special and thought shopping for dresses for my sister's wedding would be fun. Cambree was all over it, Brinley...not so much. I should've known. So I thought about what her favorite thing to do is and that would be swimming. So we went up to my MIL's to swim. The girls had a blast! I didn't get in for fear that it would be be too cold. Not so. I did let Sadie kick around a little and she loved it. Her first time in the pool! We all had a great time.

That night, I invited my family to come over (Shawn's family celebrates birthdays all at once during the month). So there were a few people there. We had dinner, presents, and cake. Easy-peasy! Everyone had to leave but Mandy and Nate so we played a few rounds of Uno as Brinley requested. :)

She wanted a polka-dot cake and I had a vision...BUT it got a little messed up when the girls wanted to help. Oh well. It's her cake!

And this was HUGE again! Her blowing out her own candles! Every year she gets more and more brave ever since her 2YO birthday cake. She still said she was nervous but she did it!
She's such a cute girl! We love you, Brinley! I'll have to do her photo shoot soon. I've got a fun idea in mind!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So Moab was awesome! I think of all landscapes, Southern Utah is the best and most interesting. I just love it and never tire of it.
We met my sister and her family (from AZ) there for Memorial Day weekend. Shawn couldn't get off work quite as early as everyone else wanted to leave, so my parents came and took Brinley and Cambree with them so we could go later with Sadie, my sister and her fiance. That was a nice, relaxing afternoon with only one child. :)
We got to Moab around 8:30pm and to our campsite. All the tents were set up. Another bonus to leaving later. :) That night we just stayed up talking and getting things situated. AND getting the girls to sleep. The first night is ALWAYS the worst night. I think I got maybe 4 hours of sleep with just not being able to sleep and Sadie and Cambree getting up. Blah. Not fun.
Surprisingly, with just a little bit of sleep I held up pretty well with all the hiking we did. The girls did well too. On the other hand, my brother's son was fevered and not doing too well. He and my mom had to take it easy and skip the hiking. We hiked Delicate Arch first. The best hike EVER! So we for sure did that one first. And it never disappoints!
My favorite people:
Then we went to the Windows section and hiked Double Arch. Then, the kids were done! What? Our girls could've done longer but their cousins were done.
Isn't she a doll? She did so good hiking! Even falling DEEPLY asleep. I just love her even if she keeps me up at night. :)
This is the only picture of Double Arch I have and it's of the engaged couple. :)
After a day of hiking, we went back to camp and roasted hot dogs and smores. Then we got the kids to bed (all one at a time...we're getting smarter!). Sadie fell asleep standing up! She was wiped out! The rest of us sang around the campfire, played 2 truths and a lie and Spoono until midnight. Good times!
The next day was Sunday and yes, my mother insisted we all go to church even though we were camping. How fun is it trying to get everyone showered and ready early enough but stay clean while playing in the dirt? Not fun. But we all made it a little late. The reason my mom insisted is because we used to live in Moab and she wanted to see some old friends. Yup, 22 years later. Turns out, it was the homecoming of a friend of mine's parents. How crazy is that? So I even got to see her. It's been YEARS but she still looks kinda the same. It was fun talking to her and reminiscing some. The thing I remembered most about her is her Barbie collection. She had a lot!
After church, we drove around a little bit to see our old house and other places. Then, we went back to camp for some down time. After all the kids got some quiet time, we went on a drive down the river. We saw Indian drawings and hiked to some dinosaur tracks.
While Angie & Rob went back to camp to fix dinner, the rest of us took the kids to one of our favorite parks growing up hoping they'd still have ducks to feed. And they did! There was also a fun stream for the kids to play in while others played frisbee. It was a perfect day.

I have a picture of me and Angie when we were toddlers against this same fence, so I had to get one of my girls. My dad's picture was way cuter though with balloons and us looking cute. This one...not so much. :)
She's on the prowl! My baby is crawling now! It's so cute and I still can't believe it...but I guess it's time. She is 9 months.
All the grandkids! I was frustrated that I didn't have my rapid-fire camera.
The next day, we packed up camp and headed out. My sister and her family went one way and we went the Goblin Valley!! LOVE this place! It was hot, but always worth it. Shawn did a little more exploring this time with my dad while the rest of us played Sardines. Always a fav when we go there. I wish we had more time but we needed to head back and it's good when did cuz the traffic in Spanish Fork canyon was horrendous!
I thought this looked like a fun spot for a picture, but Cambree didn't. :)
My Hero!
And my cute, Sadie baby asleep again. I just love her squishy cheeks!

It was a great trip! I can't wait to do it again! Sadie is still catching up on her sleep. Good for me. :)