Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Craziness is Here!

It seems like May is a crazy month. Almost worse than December. The school year is ending, the weather is better, everyone wants to do everything. But I do like days like that...just not days like that every day. :)
Saturday was really great. Brinley had a soccer game early in the morning. Then, Cambree had dance pictures to get ready for and Shawn had to put in a new garage door opener...our old one broke. Lame. So they couldn't come with us to my dad's work. So I went with Brinley and Sadie to Sun Products (they make laundry detergent and soap) and they were having a family tour day. If anyone knows my dad, they know he doesn't talk much so I was really wanted to see what his work is all about. I knew there would be food and a tour, but it was a mini carnival with bounce houses, face painting, and balloon-making. That sounds kinda kinky....anyway, the tour was great! They make everything from start to finish, bottles and everything. Brinley loved learning all about it. It was fun to see what my dad does all day too. The girls loved it (except for the Nazi balloon lady) and Sadie was really good the whole time. It was a perfect day.
When we came home, I put Sadie down for a nap and took Cambree and Brinley to a friend's dance concert (Shawn was still working on the garage door opener). The girls were captivated and it's always fun to see friends perform. Then we got pizza and called it a night! Shawn finished up the garage door opener around 10pm. I'm proud of him for getting it done in a day. It's quite a project! So my day was full of fun and his was full of work. I'll take my day. :)


Angie said...

Wow! What a day! I'm so glad that Spring is here, too. I just love nice weather.

Can't wait to enjoy it with you in 2 weeks! Moab, here we come!

J and Company said...

Yeah I'd rather pick your day too! Thanks for coming to have lunch with me. You're the best and I'm going to miss you a ton!

Katie said...

I wish May was bringing the end of the school year for my kids. Not this year! Oh well! Glad you were able to hand out with your dad. I really need to get our garage door fixed too. Haven't replaced it since I ran into with the car. OOPS Starting to get a little hot here too! Oh hey I'm also wondering if you will be around if we change picture day to Sat. June12th or the 11th if that works better???