Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break Wrap-Up

Since we didn't go anywhere, I was determined to do something every day of the week for Spring Break...except Monday. We cleaned and did laundry! I even made the girls do a job every day before we did our activity. I know, I'm a mean mom.
Tuesday...well, see the post below. That was our adventure. :)
Wednesday, we went to the $1 movie. "Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakel" to be exact even though you can rent it already. I was all prepped to take Sadie to her 1st movie too. But when Brinley called to invite a friend, her older sister volunteered to watch Sadie. How nice! So, it was my girls, Brinley's friend and her mom all came to watch the movie. I was nervous leaving Sadie, not because I worry about her as a babysitter, but because Sadie is all about the separation anxiety thing right now. I've never had a kid have it so bad. All that worry was for not because she was great! Thanks again!
Thursday, it was scrapbook day at my house with my mom, aunts, sister, and friend. It was a full house and lots of fun!
Friday, we took a trip to the Church History Museum. Yeah, I'm cheap. We managed to not spend much on the fun we had...if it wasn't for that darn parking ticket! I was maybe 2 minutes late! So lame!
ANYWAY, we did a quick lap around the exhibits and then went up to the children's part. The girls had fun with the cute stuff they have there.
Obviously, I had my point-and-shoot camera...lots of red-eyes and delay. Super annoying.

 Cambree playing dress-up. She wanted to be an angel...with a sheep?
Cambree was loving dressing, weighing, rocking, and taking care of the babies they have there. I wonder why she doesn't play with her dolls at home?
Bean Bag Toss. I totally lost. I just wanted the Celestial Kingdom and didn't get any kingdom. I guess that means Outer Darkness for me.

The Tree of Life...hold to the rod, Brinley! She's looking a bit scared.
After that, we picked up Shawn from work and went to his parents' house. They babysat so we could go out for the rest of Shawn's birthday. Dinner and a movie. That's all he ever wants. But I won't complain!


Helen Macfarlane said...

You are ever so welcome!! Thanks for dragging us along! :-) You are inspiring me to do more fun things with Emma. I've become pretty lazy with my parenting. said...

I need to go to the church museum- that is fun! Maybe next time im up you should meet me there. I was loving Sadies pics in the Easter outfit. she's so fun. And I totally had flashbacks of my dance costumes seeing Cambree in yours. So fun! You are such a fun mom!