Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Eggstravaganza!

I hope everyone had a great Easter. It has come and gone so quickly!
In addition to it being General Conference weekend, it was also Easter. I was worried that things would be rushed including conference, but all was well. I thoroughly enjoyed both.
We dyed Easter Eggs:

We had an Easter Egg Hunt, in the basement because of all the snow we got! Unbelievable!
Yes, Cambree wore this dress-up all day everyday. It was an old dance costume of my younger sister's. I have a matching one only bigger. I know you're jealous!
And they got their Easter Baskets filled from the Easter Bunny. (not pictured)
Sadie and Grandma. She's so excited.
Me, my mom, and sisters formed a "massage train" while the men were gone to the Priesthood session of Conference. We all have tight shoulders. Ahh...
We celebrated Shawn's birthday on Sunday, complete with a banana cake that he asks me almost every year to make. I've been too scared to make it. Every fruit/bread thing I make never turns out. I finally did it this year and it only took and hour and a half to cook all the way through instead of the 45 minutes it says. :\
My mom made him a bag lady for his birthday (to hold all the plastic shopping bags we get). Believe it or not, that's what he wanted from her. And I happened to catch Shawn in a compromising position with his new woman. ;) He might not be so happy with this picture, but I think he's man enough to handle it. Hee, hee...


Tara said...

Missy, you crack me up. :) What a great weekend!!! I love all your updates (I cannot believe how much Sadie looks like the gerber baby!!!) I'm with you on the conference focus -- definitely hitting hard on family issues. It was a good reminder. Thanks for sharing your plan for morning devotionals - I going to try that, too!

J and Company said...

I love the picture of Sadie with your Mom, soo sweet! And I laughed over that picture of Shawn and that bag doll. It was so fun to see you and talk to you. Thanks so much for taking time out of your family time to come and see me. you're the best! love ya

Helen Macfarlane said...

Te he! Cute post! Your mom looks so familiar! Where did she grow up? And how old she?
I can't believe you claim to be a photographer and didn't even get a shot of the easter bunny.

Missy said...

My mom grew up in Salt Lake and went to Olympus High. She's 58.
I know, but my girls wouldn't have wanted his picture anyway. :)

tracie said...

Looks like you had a fun easter and etc. I feel like I have not seen you or anyone in a long time.

happy mom said...

I love this post and I love Cambree in the cute dress ups, I wish I had the pretty purple! I had the not so modest turquoise.

I love fun personality things you can catch, Shawn and his new woman!

Conference was great!

Angie said...

Seriously? Shawn wanted a bag lady for his birthday? What a weird dude. ;)