Friday, April 30, 2010

Chinese, Anyone?

So a week or two ago, a wonderful Chinese lady in my neighborhood (also my Visiting Teacher) had a few of us over to show us how to cook some easy Chinese dishes. I was so excited! Real, authentic Chinese!!
She taught us how to make some potatoes that taste alot like french fries.
We learned to make tomatoes with eggs...interesting combo, but tasty!
An asparagus and ham dish...I think it was my favorite. I've never had such yummy asparagus!
AND (yeah, she taught us 4 dishes in an hour! I told you! Really easy!) a shrimp and green onion dish.
I'm not a fan of shrimp, but they were pretty good. :)

And I'm proud to say, that I made the ham & asparagus dish and the potatoes for my family. They all loved them! Go me! Shawn even bought some shrimp in homes that I'll make that dish. We'll see about that...

Check out The Sassy Homemaker blog for the step-by-step instructions and ingredients. You'll be glad you did!

Pictures courtesy of "The Sassy Homemaker". I was busy taking notes. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Grade Field Trip

For the first grade field trip, they were going to go to the zoo. The day Brinley found out, she called me during her lunch to tell me about it and to see if I'd be able to go. I told her I'd have to see about babysitting. I got things worked out with my mom and told her teacher I could do it, but there were too many parents that wanted to go so they did a drawing and my name didn't get picked. Oh well. Brinley was really sad. A few days later, I get a call from Brinley's teacher telling me I could go if I wanted but I'd have to drive or carpool with someone. I was pretty sure I'd be able to get someone or possibly my mom to watch my girls, but I had a hard time. Both my sisters couldn't, my sister-in-law couldn't, some neighbors that I tried couldn't, Shawn couldn't, a friend couldn't, my mother-in-law had surgery, and my mom had to quickly get out of something which she didn't think she could. So I just thought I wouldn't go, but when Brinley heard that I wasn't going she was SO SAD! She called Shawn begging and crying to him to stay home from work but he couldn't. Then she called my mom crying and begging her to come. Well, my mom cracked. She called and was luckily able to get out of her commitment and came here to watch Cambree and Sadie. She's so awesome! So things were very last-minute but it all worked out. I got to go!
And we had a great time! I just had to keep track of Brinley and 2 other girls while we were at the zoo. Piece of cake. Even the weather was a little iffy, but it rained at all the right times where we had covering.
Here are "my girls"!
 Momma & cute!
 The tigers were up and at 'em! I've never seen them so active.
 This orangutan was so cute! He has his blankie that he walked around with and even went to the gate like he wanted out. He was also very personable.

Brinley, I'm so glad I got to come along with you! I especially love that you WANTED me there. I hope you always want me around.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Did You Know...

That all it takes to get your vacuum working is $1.49? Yeah, I was recently telling my friend that we will be buying our 4th vacuum in the 9 years we've been married...3 years of which we weren't even using our vacuum because of us living with parents. ANYWAY, this smart friend says that when her vacuum stops sucking, her husband just replaces the vacuum belt and he's done it a few times. REALLY? So, I buy a belt, actually 2 belts in a package for $1.49 and tear my vacuum apart. Guess what I found? A broken vacuum belt! So I replace it and put it all back together and it works! It's amazing! I'm really amazed and wanted to share this information just in case someone out there is as clueless as I was...there's probably not many of you. Now, I'm wishing we didn't throw out our hand vac, that's probably all that was wrong with it too.
And just because a post is always better with a picture, here is Cambree and Sadie after church in their matching jumpers. So cute! And I'm loving my blossoming tree in the background. Bring on Spring!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break Wrap-Up

Since we didn't go anywhere, I was determined to do something every day of the week for Spring Break...except Monday. We cleaned and did laundry! I even made the girls do a job every day before we did our activity. I know, I'm a mean mom.
Tuesday...well, see the post below. That was our adventure. :)
Wednesday, we went to the $1 movie. "Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakel" to be exact even though you can rent it already. I was all prepped to take Sadie to her 1st movie too. But when Brinley called to invite a friend, her older sister volunteered to watch Sadie. How nice! So, it was my girls, Brinley's friend and her mom all came to watch the movie. I was nervous leaving Sadie, not because I worry about her as a babysitter, but because Sadie is all about the separation anxiety thing right now. I've never had a kid have it so bad. All that worry was for not because she was great! Thanks again!
Thursday, it was scrapbook day at my house with my mom, aunts, sister, and friend. It was a full house and lots of fun!
Friday, we took a trip to the Church History Museum. Yeah, I'm cheap. We managed to not spend much on the fun we had...if it wasn't for that darn parking ticket! I was maybe 2 minutes late! So lame!
ANYWAY, we did a quick lap around the exhibits and then went up to the children's part. The girls had fun with the cute stuff they have there.
Obviously, I had my point-and-shoot camera...lots of red-eyes and delay. Super annoying.

 Cambree playing dress-up. She wanted to be an angel...with a sheep?
Cambree was loving dressing, weighing, rocking, and taking care of the babies they have there. I wonder why she doesn't play with her dolls at home?
Bean Bag Toss. I totally lost. I just wanted the Celestial Kingdom and didn't get any kingdom. I guess that means Outer Darkness for me.

The Tree of Life...hold to the rod, Brinley! She's looking a bit scared.
After that, we picked up Shawn from work and went to his parents' house. They babysat so we could go out for the rest of Shawn's birthday. Dinner and a movie. That's all he ever wants. But I won't complain!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shawn's Birthday

Well, things didn't go COMPLETELY as planned, but pretty close. Shawn's easy-going about his birthday anyway, so it didn't bother him when there was a bump-in-the-road, literally. But I'm a little ahead of myself here.
Tuesday was Shawn's real birthday and he went to work. Great birthday.
Since it's Spring Break, I took the girls with some friends to the Edutainment Center in West Valley. Never heard of it until a friend blogged about it. It's WAY the crap out there, but it was worth it for only $2 a kid. They had a grocery store, village, movie theater, race track, and McD's-like playland but way bigger. The girls had a blast!
On our way to pick up Shawn from work, I got a flat tire. Why does that have to happen to me when I have 3 little kids in the car, one of which is a baby who hasn't had an afternoon nap? So, I call Shawn to see if we have any roadside assistance. Nope. And we will be getting it soon. Then I think to call my dad since his work is really close to where I was. As I was on the phone, Cambree and Brinley said a prayer. I didn't hear it, but they said they prayed. As soon as I got off the phone, a truck pulled up to help. There are still good people in the world, aren't there? He gets started as I wait for my dad to come. The jack doesn't work, but the guy works at an equipment rental place and has one brought one over. In the meantime, the Incident Management truck guy pulls over and changes my tire really fast. Then, I get a call from my dad wondering where I am. I asked him if he saw the line-up of cars on the side of the road and he had but didn't think it was me. When you just remember to ask Heavenly Father, he is just waiting to pour out help. He WANTS to help us. We just have to ask. I'm so grateful for that lesson and for my girls to remember to pray. They are so great!
We finally got to Shawn's work and then went out to dinner for his birthday. We all enjoyed his birthday dessert. :) We were going to do something after but I think we'd had enough excitement for one day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Eggstravaganza!

I hope everyone had a great Easter. It has come and gone so quickly!
In addition to it being General Conference weekend, it was also Easter. I was worried that things would be rushed including conference, but all was well. I thoroughly enjoyed both.
We dyed Easter Eggs:

We had an Easter Egg Hunt, in the basement because of all the snow we got! Unbelievable!
Yes, Cambree wore this dress-up all day everyday. It was an old dance costume of my younger sister's. I have a matching one only bigger. I know you're jealous!
And they got their Easter Baskets filled from the Easter Bunny. (not pictured)
Sadie and Grandma. She's so excited.
Me, my mom, and sisters formed a "massage train" while the men were gone to the Priesthood session of Conference. We all have tight shoulders. Ahh...
We celebrated Shawn's birthday on Sunday, complete with a banana cake that he asks me almost every year to make. I've been too scared to make it. Every fruit/bread thing I make never turns out. I finally did it this year and it only took and hour and a half to cook all the way through instead of the 45 minutes it says. :\
My mom made him a bag lady for his birthday (to hold all the plastic shopping bags we get). Believe it or not, that's what he wanted from her. And I happened to catch Shawn in a compromising position with his new woman. ;) He might not be so happy with this picture, but I think he's man enough to handle it. Hee, hee...

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Call to Arms

General Conference was really great! Not only was I with my family where we ate (a little too much) and played games, but we got to hear from the Prophet and his apostles. I felt like a majority of the talks were geared towards family-making families better. I felt a little nervous (because the times are getting so wicked and am I really teaching my girls to have a testimony?) but also empowered. I can do something! I've always wanted to start the day off better and place the Armor of God on my kids so they can face the day and make good choices. In many of the talks they commented about having scripture study in the morning. We (more like I or the kids for that matter!) could never get up when Shawn gets up so I didn't really know what to do about it. But Shawn doesn't HAVE to be there, I can do it with the kids. So I've decided to have a little devotional in the morning while we eat breakfast. I usually watch the Today show (you know, get my world news fix) while we eat, but having scripture study will be so much better for me and the kids.
I hope I can do this. I really think I can...and that's why I'm writing it down! Now that it's out there, I've really got to do it! :)
What did you get out of General Conference?