Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it Time for Easter Already?

I swear Easter just snuck up on me this year. Good thing I already bought the girls' dresses a few months ago.
I guess it's not Easter quite yet, but we've already had the city Easter egg hunt. Cambree decided she would run with the big kids this year and go with the 6 and 7 year old group. Then, the Easter bunny came to be a part of things, so she decided she wanted to go over to the 4 and 5 year old group. She does not like the Easter bunny! She sure made a killing with the little ones!
Brinley had a soccer game afterward, so we didn't get to get pictures with the Easter bunny or anything...not that either of my girls wanted to.
I decided to dress them up for Easter this Sunday since next Sunday is General Conference...which is kind of a bummer to have Conference the same weekend as Easter. I guess they'll wear their dresses the week before and the week after. I got Brinley and Cambree to match but couldn't find one for Sadie. I didn't really look that hard cuz I couldn't pass up Sadie's little denim dress! I love it! I think she loves it too. :) Cute baby.
Brinley just got her hair cute yesterday. She wanted it really short. Ya know, cuz all the other girls in her class were getting their hair cut short. Being the mean mom that I am, would only let her cut it to her shoulders. I've had enough short hair headache with Cambree's!
And one of the whole family...definitely not the best. Hey! It was on a timer and we had to get to church! That's what you get!


tracie said...

We should help each other with family pictures. I think it is cute. Love the dresses.

christina said...

lovely family!

Sants said...

On Sunday morning I realized it was the Easter Sunday church for all us Mormons and right then and there made the executive decision that for us it would happen the Sunday AFTER Easter! I am SO NOT ready! You guys all look great! You are so on the ball!

Helen Macfarlane said...

The nice thing about Easter being on Conference Weekend, which I LOVE, is that the girls don't have to have new Easter dresses and no one is any the wiser (especially them). Plus, I really love conference and hearing from the Prophet on Easter. I love it.

Your photos are so lovely, as usual!!

J and Company said...

Cute dresses for the girls! Also, the Sadie just gets cuter and cuter. I'll take her off your hands and you can have her back at night...bwahahaha. Okay, I'm sorry. No more teasing (it's only because I've been there!) But who am I kidding, I would take the nights too for such a sweet baby as that. She's adorable!

Missy said...

You're so nice, Jenn. Thanks!
I also think it will be nice to have Conference on Easter. We just always go to my parent's house for Conference and Easter and now we'll only get to go one time. Oh well.

Angie said...

I still keep waiting for those church clothes to come on sale...I usually use good Easter prices to get my boys some good summer church clothes.

I just love Sadie's adorable dress. Seriously, can that girl get any more adorable?