Monday, March 15, 2010

i {Heart} Babysitting Co-ops!

I don't know what my deal is lately. I'm not too busy right now with photo shoots, but I've hardly blogged! I hope to do better!

Yes, I seriously do love babysitting co-ops! I'm in two of them. One where we all have a day and time of day and people can drop off your kids. We pay with popsicle sticks. One stick per kid per hour. I get so much done and Cambree has a place to play. It's great!
The other is a date night co-op. We have 4 families and each Friday one of us has all the kids and the rest of us get to go out on a date. It's really great and Shawn and I have never been out so much!
Here are my girls jumping for joy...they love Fridays when they get to have a party!
I just thought I'd let you know about it. It has saved me so many times and I never have to feel guilty about leaving my kids. You should try it!


John & Jennifer Savage said...

Man you always seem to find great people to do playgroups and babysitting with! I guess I need to be friendlier or something. Such a great idea.

Denise said...

I think that's a brilliant idea! We're not in the kid-switching mode anymore (because we have two, count 'em, TWO sitters at our houe now! woohoo!) but I know very, very well how hard, and expensive, it is to find sitters all the time.

Denise said...

Um, I meant house. I don't know what a houe is, but we don't have one.

Kellye said...

We have one of those too...and it is SO NICE AND SO FUN!!! I highly recommend it to everyone! Jordan and I hardly know what to do with each other! We still don't know Naples that well, so we just drive around a lot of the time, but's time with him and only him...I'll take it!

Kellye said...

Oh and p.s. My kids LOVE it too! My kids jump for joy too when it's their "date night"

Jody Hancock said...

great picture Missy!