Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brinley's Many Performances

Tis the season for performances!
Brinley is in a chorus club that she's been going to after school once a week for a few months. They had their performance 2 weeks ago. It was short and cute, but I'll spare you the videos. :)
(sorry for the bad quality...I took my crappy camera)
Cambree always has to get in on the action on stage.
Last week, they had their 1st Grade program. It was all about Spring, as you can see:
 I took this after the program was over...I'm glad Cambree has some restraint and didn't run up there during the program...although she did ask.
 After the program, we found Brinley in her classroom. They wanted a picture in the reading corner.
Brinley has one more performance on Tuesday for the school talent show with her chorus club. She actually did try out for it singing a song by herself (that girl has no fear in front of crowds! I wish I could say the same) but she didn't make it. I'm just happy she was willing to try and not be too sad when it didn't happen.


Denise said...

My K was in the chorus too, so I have boring video of my own, lol. Cute pictures, and good for her, trying out for a solo. That's a scary thing to do!

Angie said...

Brinley...congratulations on all of your performances! You're so brave to sing in front of people. You were such a darling flower, too. I can tell that Cambree can't wait to follow in your footsteps. You're such a good big sister!

Aunt Angie