Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Now Sadie's 7 Months Old!

That went by fast! Nothing's changed much. She's a little slow, but that's fine by me! Still only rolling over one way...although she did roll back once and it scared her. She'd better get over her fear! Also, she is still NOT, I repeat NOT sleeping through the night. In fact, it's getting worse! But I think she's getting her top teeth now, so hopefully she'll sleep better when that's over. *Fingers Crossed*
So I missed the past few months and wanted to post some pictures of her. So, here we go with a TON of pictures!
Drinking out of a sippy cup. A big accomplishment that still hasn't been mastered. But I love how big that cup looks compared to her!
Next, eating solids. She wasn't a fan of green first. But now she is! The key is to keep trying!
Cute baby in hat. 'nuf said!
I've decided whether I like it or not, I need to be in more pictures. So Cambree took this one. Not bad!
These two are best buds. Cambree loves finding new ways to make her laugh.
Just helping me with the laundry and doing a dang good job at it!
So I really do think she looks like the Gerber baby (and so do other people...they've told me so). I wanted to take a picture with her next to the Gerber baby on the cereal box. It didn't go so well:
Believe me there were PLENTY more outtakes, but this one with just have to do with the Gerber baby out-of-focus.
There we go. Now I don't have to be so anxious about not blogging all those pictures of Sadie and I'm glad I just did it all in one post. She is now fully documented. Thank you very much!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it Time for Easter Already?

I swear Easter just snuck up on me this year. Good thing I already bought the girls' dresses a few months ago.
I guess it's not Easter quite yet, but we've already had the city Easter egg hunt. Cambree decided she would run with the big kids this year and go with the 6 and 7 year old group. Then, the Easter bunny came to be a part of things, so she decided she wanted to go over to the 4 and 5 year old group. She does not like the Easter bunny! She sure made a killing with the little ones!
Brinley had a soccer game afterward, so we didn't get to get pictures with the Easter bunny or anything...not that either of my girls wanted to.
I decided to dress them up for Easter this Sunday since next Sunday is General Conference...which is kind of a bummer to have Conference the same weekend as Easter. I guess they'll wear their dresses the week before and the week after. I got Brinley and Cambree to match but couldn't find one for Sadie. I didn't really look that hard cuz I couldn't pass up Sadie's little denim dress! I love it! I think she loves it too. :) Cute baby.
Brinley just got her hair cute yesterday. She wanted it really short. Ya know, cuz all the other girls in her class were getting their hair cut short. Being the mean mom that I am, would only let her cut it to her shoulders. I've had enough short hair headache with Cambree's!
And one of the whole family...definitely not the best. Hey! It was on a timer and we had to get to church! That's what you get!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brinley's Many Performances

Tis the season for performances!
Brinley is in a chorus club that she's been going to after school once a week for a few months. They had their performance 2 weeks ago. It was short and cute, but I'll spare you the videos. :)
(sorry for the bad quality...I took my crappy camera)
Cambree always has to get in on the action on stage.
Last week, they had their 1st Grade program. It was all about Spring, as you can see:
 I took this after the program was over...I'm glad Cambree has some restraint and didn't run up there during the program...although she did ask.
 After the program, we found Brinley in her classroom. They wanted a picture in the reading corner.
Brinley has one more performance on Tuesday for the school talent show with her chorus club. She actually did try out for it singing a song by herself (that girl has no fear in front of crowds! I wish I could say the same) but she didn't make it. I'm just happy she was willing to try and not be too sad when it didn't happen.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sadie is 6 Months!

Almost 7 months old...yeah I'm slow. What else is new?
I've never enjoyed my babies as much as I've enjoyed Sadie. Not because she's a good baby (cuz my other babies were better) but I've been able to ENJOY the baby phase. 1st baby, I was too worried about everything. 2nd baby, too close to 1st baby who was a terrible 2. Baby 3, I have helpers and I know what I'm doing! It's been great!
So Sadie has been doing stuff that I've been wanting to document, along with pictures from her 6 month old shoot...that's why this post is SO late!
First off, her stats:
She's a whopping 19 lbs! I love my chubba bubba! And she's 27 inches tall and has a big noggin'. All in the 90 percentile range, of course.
-She cut her first two teeth about 2 weeks ago. She's been drooling for months so I wondered when they'd come through. That's way sooner than either of my other kids.
-Also unlike either of my other girls, she's still not sleeping through the night!
-Rolls over onto her belly, but doesn't roll back.

-Babbles a lot
-She's got screaming down already!
-Her sisters can get her to laugh a lot.
-Plays with toys and can stay content for long periods of time.
-Loves the exersaucer!
-Can sit up alone for short periods of time.
-Has been eating solids for 2 months now, due to her reflux. She has stopped spitting up as much but still does. Of course she loves fruits and not the veggies! Still working on that!

This one goes in my kids' bathroom with the other two of my girls looking like this. :)

 This is what she looked like half the time. Shawn calls it "Fallen Angel":

Wow! We love her so much and can't imagine our family without her!

LOVING the warm weather!

...but as I write this it's not very warm today. But I'll take what I can get!
So we've been to the park a couple of times this week. Cambree loves making new friends at the park and runs away (or throws a tantrum) when it's time to go. Nice. I thought she was over that.
Sadie is already a fan...and a BIG fan of her chew toy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Front Teeth

This is OLD news but yes, Brinley has lost her two front teeth. It's been awhile now. She just couldn't wait and literally had me yank the 2nd one out. It wasn't even very loose. She LOVES to loose teeth ready or not. It's probably been almost 2 months since she lost them and she still looks like this:
Last Sunday was Stake Conference and Brinley took up most of the time drawing this. Can you tell what it is?
Daniel in the Lion's Den. We had a FHE lesson on it and I guess she really understood it. She's such a good girl.

Monday, March 15, 2010

i {Heart} Babysitting Co-ops!

I don't know what my deal is lately. I'm not too busy right now with photo shoots, but I've hardly blogged! I hope to do better!

Yes, I seriously do love babysitting co-ops! I'm in two of them. One where we all have a day and time of day and people can drop off your kids. We pay with popsicle sticks. One stick per kid per hour. I get so much done and Cambree has a place to play. It's great!
The other is a date night co-op. We have 4 families and each Friday one of us has all the kids and the rest of us get to go out on a date. It's really great and Shawn and I have never been out so much!
Here are my girls jumping for joy...they love Fridays when they get to have a party!
I just thought I'd let you know about it. It has saved me so many times and I never have to feel guilty about leaving my kids. You should try it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Give a Day, Get a Day

So we just finished up our service project for Disney's "Give a Day, Get a Day" program. You sign up and choose a service project and then you get free Disney passes for everyone 6 years and older. It's pretty awesome and since we're going to Cali this summer anyway, it will be fun to squeeze that in too. Especially since my girls have never been and it's been YEARS since Shawn and I have gone.
Our service project was buying school supplies for a group called Youth Making a Difference (YMAD). (Yea! I didn't even have to sew!) A group from Springville/Mapleton is going to India this month to help children in need. It's really awesome and I'm glad we got to participate somehow.
I'm really glad I was made aware of all the service that is out there. We had PLENTY to choose from. It's nice to know where to find a need and be willing to fill it.
You'd think I'd pay a LITTLE more attention to my girls here...I should've did a re-shoot. Oh well. I'm so NOT a perfectionist.