Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Think I Mentioned Something About Projects

So things are kinda slow around here, so I always like to fill my time with projects!
-I finally finished making a DVD I made for my dad for Christmas (yeah, a little late). It's all the pictures and movies from our Europe trip. It's really awesome if I do say so myself!
-I painted this ugly, brass chandelier! I love it now!

-I've been working on photography stuff, like updating my blog (go see my new look and tell me what you think: and website (still working on updating the website). I've been trying and trying for hours to make a blog button. I've got the button but I'm having problems doing the scroll part so people can grab it and put it on their site.*hint*hint* If I can ever get it working, that is.
-I've now got a Xpressions Facebook page! Become a fan!

-And just spending more time playing with Cambree and Sadie. I sure do miss that when I'm so busy. It's so nice to take a breather.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Dating Life...

Last weekend we watched 500 Days of Summer. So many people said it was a great movie and I was in the mood for a chick flick...and I guess Shawn was too. It was a good movie and gave us a lot to talk about.

***Spoiler Alert!*** Don't read anymore if you don't want to know about the ending of the movie. Sorry to do that to you.

Anyway, the premise of this movie was a lot like our dating relationship.  I've even included pictures so you're not bored-to-death. And that's SO nice of me because, man! these styles have changed! I didn't think I was that old until now! And it shows how much weight I need to loose.
You see, I'm Shawn's one and only real girlfriend/wife. He put everything he had into our relationship.  Shawn freakin' sang to me on stage for our ward talent show in our singles ward...yeah, no one's going to ask me on a date now. It was flattering but I just didn't feel like getting into anything serious. I wanted to go on a mission....maybe.

 Our first date. This was before the Talent Show and I asked him out. Gosh! 
That's all you have to do is ask a guy out and then he can't stop stalking you! ;) 
Kidding, honey!
 I knew he was developing strong feelings for me so I told him I didn't want to date him seriously. So I went on and was having fun meeting other people, but Shawn always had his eye on me. He could hardly think of anything else...much like this movie. A few weeks before Christmas, I gave it another shot (not like the movie). He's a nice enough guy I thought...and I knew he way liked me. So we dated for a few weeks. Again, I wasn't feeling it...maybe if I kiss him? Did that...ended it the next day. Nothing. I even dis-invited him to come home with me for Christmas. He didn't even get to go home until after Christmas. He was feeling SO shafted by me and was thinking he was a bad kisser. Yeah, he was, but that wasn't the reason. :) (Shawn's going to kill me!) I kept telling him that we're just better as friends. He would tell me that he could see me as his wife. I would just tell him someone LIKE ME as your wife.

 Not Together...can you even find us?

Not together...even though I'm leaning. Maybe to make him feel better? I knew he felt awkward on this outing.

So, a few months passed and he still was going crazy. I would think about him sometimes and would feel bad. I still wanted to be his that ever works!  So we started hanging out more and more and gosh darnit! He finally got me! I don't know what happened. I guess I was ready now. After that, it was easy! And now I can't imagine my life without him. He is the best husband and father.

 The Night Shawn Proposed!
 So there you have it. Just something that I've been thinking about. What if Shawn wasn't so persistent? What if he just thought, "Oh well. I'll just have to find someone else."? It's crazy to think that. And I'm really glad things didn't end in our life like the movie. But life is like that sometimes and people just have to figure it out and move on.

Wow. I'm sure glad I don't have to date anymore. So much drama!
Oh and to totally redeem Shawn...he's a GREAT kisser now! He must've had a good teacher. ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Did I say Bored?

Not anymore! This last week was going to be just a ho-hum kind of a week...which I'm totally fine with. But I'm also fine if things get switched up a little too.
Last Tuesday, I had nothing going on. My awesome friend, Jen, called to see if she could come out to see me...and also go to In and Out...and take their family pictures (I've owed her for over a year since she did ours...yeah, almost 2 years ago!). I was good to go! Despite Sadie crying during 1/2 the shoot and Maddy (her 2 YO) running around the other 1/2, I think we got some good pictures. They are such a cute family...I can't wait to see them after she edits them. Then, we went to In and Out. I've only been there once and it was like 9 years ago. I guess I wasn't too impressed. Jen showed me that you have to order animal style to get all the extras. OH!!! So that's the trick! It was yummy! Thanks, Jen!
Wednesday I get a call from my BFF telling me Old Navy has 1/2 off their clearance! What? 1/2 off already killer deals? Yup! I couldn't get over there that day, but the next day I did. Can I just say...$2.63 pants? $1.67 shirts? Yeah, it was that crazy. I don't think I paid over 5 bucks for anything. And now we're stocked for clothes for next winter. Sweet. The sale's still going if you haven't partaken yet!
Friday, Shawn went on the Klondike camp out with the boy scouts. So fun. I decided to go to my parents' house for the night. I'm glad I did! It's nice not having to cook dinner and having extra help putting little ones to bed, not to mention sleeping in too! mom's cool like that (especially since Sadie woke up twice that night!).  The girls were adamant about having a Princess Day. So, they made crowns, necklaces, and a horse (yup! Princesses ride horses) and we had a tea party for lunch. My mom is so good at coming up with that kind of stuff. I wish I was that creative!
In other news, Brinley lost tooth #3. I had to pull this one too. I never knew Shawn was such a wuss about that stuff. It was just hanging and he still wouldn't pull it.

Sadie is now doing solids (rice cereal) and is good at it too! Hopefully the spitting-up will be at a minimum now.

So we had a great week! I'm looking forward for tomorrow since Shawn has the day off. We'll probably just be doing stuff around the house...oh and homework! Yup! That's what I said...not me, but Shawn. He has to take 6 credits so he can keep his School Counseling license. Like he'll ever use it. I guess it's good just in case!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wow! I never get that many comments! You all have inspired me to take more pictures of Sadie and then to actually post them. Thanks!

I am trying to post more, so this post isn't about Sadie at all. I'm trying to document what's going on in my life right now...we'll see if I can ever make it interesting. So this post is about Cambree. Poor, bored Cambree. Brinley's at school and most of her friends are in preschool (or Brinley's friends which are in school). So she's stuck with me and Sadie. She does love Sadie to pieces and interacts with her a lot, but when she's napping or feeding (which is a lot) she's bored. It's good we got a Wii because we have had lots of fun playing that together. She's also a great shopping buddy. But she's very social and lives for her playdates with Addy on Thursdays. :) Things have definitely slowed down after the holidays. I hardly know what to do with myself these days! I feel a project brewing...
Luckily, I've got Cambree in a morning dance class starting next week! And now that the holidays are over and I'm on more of a schedule, we can go to Storytime (which was canceled today, by the way!). I'm already wanting it to be Spring so we can get out more! It's WAY too soon to start thinking that way. I'm in trouble!
Ho-hum...boring post. Such is life sometimes.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Behold THE Cuteness

You might think I post enough pictures of my cute baby, but I don't. She's already 4 months old! Time flies! Prepare to be OVERWHELMED by cuteness. I wonder how many times I'm going to say some form of 'cute' in this post?
 Her 1st pony tail!

   She rolled over! She was only 3 months old. She did it twice but not since then.

How can a baby NOT look cute in a Bumbo.

Here's Sadie "talking" at about 3 months old.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Partay!

I love that we break up our family's Christmas celebrations. We do my family on Christmas and Shawn's family is usually around New Year's. This year we did it on New Year's day. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. New Year's Eve, Shawn had the whole day off so we got a baby sitter for Sadie and took the girls to a movie. Then, we came home and headed over to Shawn's brother's house. We had TONS of yummy appettizers! We played games and did a little karoke-like video game. It was so much fun we didn't get home until 2 am. Luckily, Sadie slept the whole way home and stayed asleep while switching her to her crib. It was a success!

 I was sad I forgot about Sadie's Christmas shirt. So she wore it the week after Christmas. Oh well.

 The next morning we were able to sleep in and then go over to Shawn's parents' house. The kids all went sledding (I think that's starting to be a tradition) right by the house.

We had dinner, games, and exchanged gifts. The girls were so excited to get a present from one of their cousins. I love dragging out Christmas and am so sad it's over. I took down the tree today too. So sad!

I loved having Christmas and New Year's on a Friday. Shawn got all this work off. It was so nice! So on Saturday, I took the girls to my friend's house so they could play while I scrapbooked! Shawn stayed home with Sadie and did a few things around the house (like clean it up a little! It's been a wreck!).
I'm bummed it's over...can't wait until next year!
Tomorrow's going to seem SO LONG!