Friday, December 31, 2010


I've been kind of avoiding blogging lately...not that I've been super-busy but when I go to post pictures, my Picasa Web Album is full. I had no idea pictures from my blog got stored on Picasa. So I'm trying to delete pictures off of there, but it's hard to do that. I really need to make my photo blog separate from my family blog and I've tried to figure out how to do that, but to no avail. Anyone know? I'm really bugged about it...maybe I'll just have to buy more storage. :(
Anyway, Christmas was good. This was our first Christmas at home...almost all alone. Brinley said Christmas was going to be so boring. I don't know what it is, but I don't like being without family around for Christmas. My parents didn't have anyone at their house so they came over on Christmas Eve, which was so nice. We had a nice dinner and a little program. We always act out the Nativity and I had Brinley be in charge of the costumes. Sadie was Mary. Cambree was Joseph and Brinley was everything else. She did a good job...but it was really wild with lots of crying...not my idea of the reverent, feel-the-Spirit kind of program. Sadie was tired.

We put her to bed and watched "Joy to the World" and that was much more reverent. :) Then, we played Christmas Pictionary and the girls got to open their present from Grandma Hancock...pj's.
Then, the girls went to bed while we played games waiting for them to fall asleep. They were finally out at 10:30 leaving a plate of cookies for Santa.
The next morning, Brinley was up at 7:20 (I wasn't complaining!) and so I started making our traditional German pancakes. Yup, we're mean and make them eat breakfast before presents. Cambree didn't get up until almost 8 and we didn't wait for Sadie to wake up nor did we want to wake her. After breakfast, we finally got to see what Santa brought us. They were pretty excited!
Later that day, my Grandma came over and we Skyped my sister's family in AZ. Then, my other sister and her husband came over for food and games. My mom and I made a turkey...well, ok my mom did. :) I love just relaxing and being with family. What a perfect Christmas.
Sunday we dressed up for church and took our annual photo. The girls got new dresses. I LOVE them! Sometimes that's the only photo I'm in all year. Sad, huh?
 I do have a better picture than this of them, but I couldn't resist posting it. Almost all the pictures with Sadie in she's crying. I'm thinking she doesn't like dare she?!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Temple Square Lights

Whew! This weekend was a bit crazy with my family over (off and on) from Thursday-Sunday. I hosted a lot of meals but it's always fun to get together. I don't mind! We also had a BYU bowl game party. Glad we won!
We went downtown with most of my family to see the lights on Temple Square on Saturday. It was busy being that it was the David Archuleta/Tabernacle Choir concert (bummer I didn't get tickets) and the Saturday before it was a little hard staying all together but we managed. I dressed the girls really warm...too warm in fact. They complained they were too hot. I just can't win. Other years they've been too cold. Oh well. The different Nativities around the world were a new thing to me...or they just moved them. That was a hit with my girls.
Here's the group! I guess I didn't get the memo to go BEHIND my husband.
Brinley was mad at Cambree for this one...but I wanted to get a shot of the temple. Oh well.
All better!
This year the girls actually listened to the whole Nativity. It was so nice. They are growing up! ;)
This was the end of the night. Sadie wasn't wanting to sit still AT ALL! Not even for the nice picture I wanted of all my girls. Notice the ever-so-famous throw the arms in the air to slide down and get out. :)
Shawn was D-O-N-E with me taking pictures. Can you tell?

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Tuesday Cambree got her cast off. That sure was quick! Kids' bones heal quickly...although she still complains that it hurts a little. I hope its just still weak from being in a cast like the doctor said. Anyway, she was so happy to have it off even though she never complained when she had it. She got to be really good about doing things one-handed. Even when she got it off she was doing stuff one-handed. She wasn't used to it yet. At least now her writing will improve in Preschool.
Last time with her cast on. It was a LONG wait at the Doctor's Office that day too. So much anticipation for Cambree!
It's off! And she got to keep it. Hooray!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Party

Our ward had a Christmas Party last week. It was lots of fun with good food and good entertainment. My niece, from a different ward, even came to sing. She did awesome.
This year they had a Gingerbread house competition. We are so not good at making those. In fact, I think I've only ever made one other one in my life. But we signed up to get the kit they provided, I made the frosting and the girls helped decorate it. I got a little frustrated and almost tore the whole thing down. Luckily, some carolers came by and got me back into a better mood. :) I didn't think we'd win anything...but we did! Just for having Smarties on it. We got the "Nice Smarties" award. I wonder who had to come up with the categories.
The girls were proud of their creation. I love that Cambree has frosting on her cheek. :)
This is what Sadie was doing...making a mess. How unusual. ;)

At the end of the party, Santa made his appearance of course! Brinley sat on his lap again this year (2 years in a row!) but would hardly look at him. Cambree sat on his lap for the first time ever without crying! It's amazing! Maybe she wanted to make sure Santa thought she was a good girl this year so she gets presents. ;) Sadie, on the other hand, didn't do so well. But I got a good picture!
At first she looked a little nervous but she warmed up to him it looks like. :)
Here's Sadie not too sure about what to think...looking for a way out.
Now she's crying to Shawn for some help!
Now we've damaged her for the next few years. We're such mean parents...but I love a good picture! I've done it to all my kids...maybe that's why we have Santa issues.
Here's Brinley's first time on Santa's lap. So scared! That year, she scared all the little kids and many of the little ones didn't want to sit on his lap. Darn! I couldn't find Cambree's crying picture!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Festival of Trees

This year was the first year I've ever been to the Festival of Trees. I actually went on a little Field Trip with the Relief Society. No kids. It was so fun to be out with just the women. Our ward donated a tree and all the fun decorations. It was fun working all year on it and now seeing it come all together.
Here's our tree! It's a Peppermint theme if you couldn't tell. :)
The little ornament in the middle with the button are the ones we made with our Activity Day girls.
The candy wreath I helped make at a Relief Society Activity.
The best tree(s) there! It was a surfing Santa with 4 trees bent over like a wave! So crazy cool!
And they had a display of Gingerbread houses...or a HUGE candyland! Some people go all out!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Much to Be Thankful For

Well I guess it all started with Brinley wanting to have a party. I said she could have one if she planned it all herself and could only invite 5 friends. So she went right to it making invitations on the computer and planning her party. She decided to do an Indian theme. They made Indian headresses, sang "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians", ate "haystacks", played "Find the Indian" (Sardines), and Freeze dance. They all had a good time. Brinley's quite the party planner.
For Thanksgiving we planned on going to my parents' house. We were going to go on Wednesday but they said it was going to be a mother of a storm and even closed the U early. So I got Brinley out of school early, picked up Shawn and went to Tooele a day early. Turns out, the storm wasn't bad at all. Oh well.
The next day, our friend Donell came over to scrapbook while my mom prepared the Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn't supposed to be that way but she was fine preparing while we scrapped and talked.
Thanksgiving day was such a nice day. My grandma, Aunt & Uncle and some cousins joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, also my brother and his family and my sister and her new boyfriend were there. It was a full house. My mom is kinda cheesy and had everyone go around and say what they're thankful for. I'm glad she did it. Many things were said about health, safety, transportation, BYU (gee? I wonder who said that?) technology...but mostly family. That's for sure the most important.
Brinley made this turkey at school. I love that she said she is thankful for her glasses.
And here's Cambree at her Preschool Thanksgiving Feast
We played some games and then checked out the ads to make our plan of action for shopping the next day. Shawn and I got up at 3am so we could be in SL by 4am. We didn't have anything too big to buy but it's always fun to be out in the crazy crowds and have Christmas shopping almost done by 8:30am!
When we got back, Shawn and I crashed. Then, most of us went to see the movie "Tangled". My girls have been looking forward to seeing that movie. Very cute show!
After that, we packed up and headed home. Saturday we had a packed day with the Hancocks. We went to Shawn's brother's house to watch the BYU vs. Utah game. Good game. Bad call is all I will say. Then, we went to Shawn's parent's house for a soup and salad dinner. That's our Hancock Thanksgiving dinner...always a few days late. :)
We had a great week filled with family and fun. Sunday, we put up our Christmas decorations. Brinley went around taking pictures of everything.
 And a few that I took:
He's so serious when he decorates...almost like me saying, "Don't! You're going to break it!" Yeah, Christmas with Sadie will be interesting. She's already been knocked in the head with my stocking holders.
Cambree's trying her best with her cast on still! 2 more weeks!

Monday, November 29, 2010


More on Cambree. She sure is full of drama lately.
I had Shawn take work off today since Cambree and Sadie were getting their shots. I wasn't worried at all how Sadie would do...Cambree was the one I would need reinforcements for. As soon as she got there, she was asking the receptionist and the nurses when she would get her shots. No matter how many times I told her it would be the last thing she could not stop asking. She did get a little poke to check her blood (they did a complete physical so she would be all ready for Kindergarten) and she freaked out about that. She was hoping that was the shot. Nope. The doctor asked her to hop on each foot, walk on her toes/heels, etc. She loved performing for the doctor and momentarily forgot about the shots. Then the doctor left and the nurses came in. Cambree wanted Sadie to go first. So she did. She cried for a second (when she got her flu shot, she didn't even cry at all). Next up, Cambree. She slowly headed towards the door. Shawn grabbed her, legs and arms were flailing, crying and screaming. We took her boots off so they wouldn't hurt anyone. Shawn pinned her arms down and the the nurses pinned her legs down. Still crying/screaming. It was quickly over, but she cried the rest of the way out the door and on the way home. Oh the drama. I was kinda glad Shawn was there to see how bad it is and that he didn't miss work for nothing. I seriously needed the help. Shawn said I should've brought my camera or video camera to blackmail document the craziness of it all. At least it's all over now...but she's limping and constantly complaining about her legs hurting. Now you see why I didn't believe her wrist was broken?
Sadie was just so happy and fun. We even found out she has an ear infection. Wouldn't even know it...she's just too darn happy.
And no we didn't miss Thanksgiving. I'll be posting that sometime. This was just too entertaining and it HAD to be posted ASAP!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big Girl

It's about time I do a post about Sadie. She's 14 months and being all independent now that she walks REALLY well. Sometimes I wonder where she's gone to (usually it's in my bathroom closet emptying everything on the bottom shelf...I don't know why that's so fun). Don't get me wrong, she still likes to be held...A LOT.
We love our Chunky Monkey!
She's sure a messy eater...especially when given a PB&J sandwich.
This is how she is right moment she's happy and smiley...and the next minute...
...and you're wondering what you even did.
Here's her favorite toy she got LAST Christmas. Now she knows how to work it and LOVES it! See how serious she is about it?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Caramel Apples

I think I need to switch things up a bit. This is starting to sound like "a day in the life of Cambree" instead of a family blog. And there's no better way to switch it up than to talk about me and my cooking skillz...which I have none.
This year I was determined to make caramel apples. I've never done them before and wanted to make them just like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I even talked Nicole into doing it with me. I needed some support here and she said her neighbor told her the secret. We were all stoked about it and had all the yummy ingredients...but it just all went wrong! The caramel was too thick...the white chocolate too runny and when you ate them, they about broke your teeth! Oh well, we had fun...maybe I'll try in another 8 years.

 I REALLY didn't want all my hard work to go to waste so I tried microwaving them and that made them a little softer to try and eat. :)
Let me know if you have any secrets!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I can't believe I have a child with a broken arm. I thought it would be WAY more tramatic than this and I've never broken anything so I didn't know what to expect. I thought the bone would be sticking out or the hand limp. Nope it looked fine to me. So fine that we didn't take her to the doctor until the next day.
Here's the LONG story...I can never tell a short story it seems. It all started on Thursday afternoon when she wanted to have a "party". So she had a few friends over and they were partying down in the basement. The boys were jumping off the couch onto pillows and Cambree followed along. She said she hit the wall with her arm so I just thought it might get a good bruise. She wouldn't stop crying so I sent her friends home and the party was officially over...before it really ever started.
She cried off and on all evening. I just thought she was being a major baby. About a month ago she twisted her ankle and was babying it for a few days, like crawling around. Shawn was pushing on it and moving her wrist around. She winced a couple of times and cried. She said she wanted to do it. She felt her arm and said, "My bone isn't broken! I can feel it!"
The next day I took her to preschool and told her teacher that she hurt her wrist and was really babying it. When I picked her up her teacher said that I should probably take her in to let the doctor check it out. I thought I'd better listen to her teacher! (and it was actually looking a TINY bit swollen) So we went to the doctor and she thought it might be a buckle fracture which is common when kids land and catch themselves with their hand when they fall. So maybe she didn't break it when she hit the wall and maybe when she landed. The doctor sent us over to the hospital to get x-rays. When the x-ray tech showed us the pictures I asked him what he thought and he said he couldn't tell me anything but that she had a hard fall. I was still unsure what that meant. We took the x-rays back to the doctor's office and sure enough, it was broken. When they asked her what color she wanted she picked red. I thought that was weird since they had hot pink and purple. After the nurse left to get the red cast ready I asked her why she picked red. She said cuz the pink one is hot. No! It's not hot! It's just bright pink. So I got the nurse and told her she wanted pink. So now she's happy to have all the attention and everyone's been signing it. She'll have it for a month. So hopefully it's not too smelly by then. :)
And to make our weekend even more interesting, I pulled out her first tooth! It's been loose for a while but she didn't want me to pull it out. I told her to just keep loosening it and it will practically fall out. That it did. It was barely hangin' on. That's the kind I like to pull. :) She was so excited to get a visit from the tooth fairy.