Monday, November 30, 2009

Meals, Deals, and Thrills!

What a great Thanksgiving we had! It was very low-key, which is so nice! We went to my Aunt's house. She had her 3 kids there and my family came, which was just my parents, Mandy, and Tiff. We ate, had a nap and played Balderdash. It was great!
We came home, got the girls in bed, and prepped for Black Friday! My parents stayed the night so Shawn and I could hit the stores at 4:30 am! Yeah...we went to Wal-mart first. I've never done Wal-mart first and it was crazy! As soon as it hits 5 am, everyone grabs and goes! So fun! Shawn grabbed some stuff and then headed to the checkout...he was 2nd in line so I hurried and got a few more things and got in line with him. Then, we went to Kmart...the thing we wanted most was out in like 2 seconds! We wanted to get a bike for Brinley and they must've just had 4 of them, cuz they were out. Lame! Then, we went to ShopKo and waited in line for a long time, then we went to Old Navy which was the worst line of all! We got some good deals but not like most years. Oh well.
When we got back home, my mom watched the girls so we could take a nap. She's so sweet! Then, we just relaxed and put up our tree. I think it's the earliest we've ever put our tree up. I love it! We also had some friends come over in the evening. They wanted to see Sadie.
Speaking of Sadie, she's now 3 months old!! I can't believe it! She's getting so big! She's 12 pounds now and is chunking right up! She loves to sit up (with help) and eat her hands. She is a happy baby and will smile at anyone! We just love her!

I put her in this super cute swim suit that I'm borrowing from my sister. We haven't gone swimming yet and I think she'll be too small for it soon! darn!

Saturday, was a busy day! We went to my nephew's baptism in Payson in the morning, rushed back to do my cousin's family pictures, and then had more cousins over for the big game! We had good food and fun! I haven't seen some of my cousins for years so it was really great to spend time with them, even if one is a Utah fan! What a great game...I only watched the last few minutes and overtime, but that's all I needed to do! Great game! Go BYU!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Grandma

This was my grandma on her 85th (I think!) Birthday (back in August!). My Grandma is so prim and proper that I was surprised to see her wearing these Converse shoes! They have colorful hearts all over them! Grandma just says they're so comfortable and thinks nothing of it! She also said that she's never had so much attention or comments from shoes before! Who would've thought? Go Grandma!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Cambree Bambree

That's what I call her anyway. Here's a VERY LATE tribute to my Cambree who's 4 year old birthday was back at the first of October.
She's turning into such a sweetheart! I seriously can't believe how great she is with Sadie. She's always the first one to get me things for her and the first to go to Sadie when she just starts whimpering. She's a great sister to Sadie. On the other hand, with Brinley she's a big tease! She knows what buttons to push to get Brinley riled up (or to make her cry)! She's still not in preschool yet (hopefully next year) so she's my bud at home. She's also a GREAT shopping partner too! She loves nothing more than to play with friends. She's definitely my social bug. When she's not with friends, she loves to play dress-up, sing and dance, play with Barbies, Polly Pocket, Ponies...or anything girly! She's my girly-girl! She can almost write her name...all the letters but just in the wrong order. She can write all the letters and we're working on the numbers. And she can count to 10 in 5 different languages (thanks to Shawn). She also thinks she can read! She's just a really good at memorizing.  :)
Cambree's in the stage where she says the funniest things! One day she said, "Mom, you're my best friend." And I responded something like, "That's so sweet, honey." And then she said, "So you need to be nice and not yell at me." Nothing like hearing it from a 4 year old!
So here are some of her pictures from the photo shoot I did way back then! I'm still editing more pictures when I get the time (that's why this has taken so long!) I'll post them on my photo blog when I get them all done. (Which, by the way, needs some commenting love!)


She IS pretty sassy like that sometimes too! I love my Cambree!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Blog Got an Award? Weird!

I can't believe my blog got an award. I think my blog is quite boring, but I guess a few of you think it's great. So here's my award from my great friend, Jenn. And I give you one right that allowed?

I guess I need to answer these questions with one word answers as my "acceptance speech".

1. Where is your cell phone? kitchen
2. Your hair? messy
3. Your mother? awesome
4. Your father?quiet
5. Your favorite food? PizzaFactoryBreadsticks
6. Your dream last night?strange
7. Your favorite drink? smoothie
8. Your dream/goal?Hawaii
9. What room are you in? bedroom
10. Your hobby? photography
11. Your fear? LosingShawn
12. Where do you want to be in six years? here
13. Where were you last night? FoldingLaundry
14. Something you aren’t? Perfectionist
15. Muffins? Chocolate!
16. Wish list item? Coat
17. Where did you grow up? Moab
18. Last thing you did? ReadStories
19. What are you wearing? PJ's
20. TV? ThursdayNights (I'm with you on that one Jenn!)
21. Your pets? None!
22. Your friends? TheBest!
23. Your life? Blessed
24. Your mood? Content
25. Missing someone? MyOldSelf
26. Vehicle? Van
27. Something you’re not wearing? Shoes
28. Your favorite store? AnywhereThere'sADeal
29. Your favorite color?Anything
30. When was the last time you laughed?1/2HourAgo (we were dancing to Y.M.C.A-brought back High School memories)
31. When was the last time you cried? MaybeLastWeek?
32. Your best friend? Shawn
33. One place that you go over and over? Bed...ahhh....
34. One person who e-mails me regularly? Shawn
35. Favorite place to eat? PizzaFactory

Now...I need to pass this cool award on! I do read lots of photography blogs, but we'll ignore those since none of them ever look at my blog!
Here are the 4 lucky winners!
Angie-My one of 3 sisters. I love to read her blog so I feel like I'm a part of her life even though we live so far away.
Denise-My Awesome Visiting Teacher. She has a way with words and I just crack up whenever I read her posts.
Krystal-My college roommate from long ago. We had such good times. I love to hear about her life as an High School English teacher. She's a great she should be! ;)
Clisty-You rock, woman! You always make me laugh too!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sadie's Blessing

The Blessing Day. Oh what a special day where you have the new mother of a brand-new baby cleaning, cooking, and getting ready for friends and family. Does that seem right to you? And we had it the day after Halloween! I guess we were not thinking right.
In spite of it being after Halloween, it was also Daylight Savings so we got an extra hour of sleep! Yea! So we were all on time for 9 am church! My family was there and many of Shawn's family came. A few friends were able to come too. We had a little lunch at our place afterward and just chatted and laughed! Man! I really needed to work those post baby tummy muscles! I was laughing so hard! It was great! Thanks everyone for coming. We appreciate all the support.
And now for Sadie's Blessing pictures...isn't she a doll? I mean literally?!!

My mom made this dress from Brinley. It's been well-used for Brinley, Cambree and now Sadie.

I always put their bow, shoes, and bracelet in a shadow box for them. Brinley's stuff was all white. Cambree's I added a little pink. So Sadie's I did purple. I was stoked to find those shiny purple shoes! And I made her bracelet this time...but not the bow.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Has Your Child Ever Done This?

I just had to put this out there before I went to bed. It was too funny not to share!
I can say that I never thought I'd see my child do something like this...too bad there's not a picture to go with it. So, I'm getting ready to go to bed and I hear someone go to the bathroom. I wait to hear the toilet flush and go back to bed. No sound. I wait a little longer...still nothing. So I go and check. This is what I find: Brinley is laying on her side, bare bum, blanket between her legs, and underwear around her neck sprawled out in front of the toilet! So I wake her up and ask her what is going on! She mumbles something...still way out of it. I tell her to get her underwear and pants back on. She doesn't know where they went. I tell her where they are and ask her why they are around her neck. She has no clue. So I help her get dressed while trying not to laugh too much. I asked her if she thought it was funny. No, she did not think it was funny. Do you? I could barely get it out to tell Shawn I was laughing so hard...but maybe it's just funny to me! Gotta love that girl!

Good Night.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We did get our pumpkins carved this year and I'd have to say that mine & Cambree's pumpkin was the best I've ever done...which is not saying much. I really don't enjoy doing it. At least it's only once a year!

Could we have asked for a better Halloween? The weather was so awesome! Our neighborhood even had a little outdoor dinner before the kiddos all went out trick-or-treating.
Friday morning, we headed over to the school for the costume parade. Short and sweet. Then, I went over to Payless for the awesome sale. It was packed but I got some great steals! I'm glad Nicole was with me to wait in line. It was long...but now I'm all pumped for Black Friday coming up!
Halloween evening, I stayed home with Sadie and Shawn took the girls out. Shawn's sister always does a big Halloween thing at their house for the trick-or-treaters. Brinley got super scared. She said she thought Uncle Doug was dead. Shawn made the girls go and go all night! (I'm sure it wasn't for the fact that he would get some of that candy!) The next morning, both of the girls hobbled around before church. Their feet were still sore!