Thursday, August 27, 2009

{My Brinley}

This post is a long time in coming! I like to do one around her birthday (mostly for journal purposes), which was back in June...but the summer was SO busy and I wanted to get her pics edited. Better late than never!
Now that Brinley is 6, she has all the sudden become so grown-up. She loves talking to anyone that will listen! She's very comfortable talking to adults. Brinley's a great big sister and shares pretty well with Cambree. She keeps talking about being a big help for me when the baby comes, like changing her diaper. We'll see about that!
Brinley is a great student in school, still loves to do art projects, and loves to sing. For a while she was saying when she grows up she wants to be a doctor, a dentist, a singer, and a mom. She'll sure be busy and in school forever! Brinley's also getting so good at piano. I think she's a seems to come easy to her. She's for sure better than me already!
We love her and are sure glad she's in our family!
Check out more pics from her photo shoot on my photo blog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We put Brinley in soccer this year. We'll see how it goes. It's nice they just play 4 on 4 so they can rest and get more of a chance to kick the ball. I talked Shawn into being her coach and he seems to be enjoying it so far. I was able to make it to her first game (I had to leave my scrapbook weekend early) on Saturday since I probably won't be making it to any others for a while. All I can say is Brinley (#3) is a REALLY good cheerleader! She didn't touch the ball fact, when it came her way, I thought she was going to go kick it but she backed away and played defense mostly. Oh well! Someone's gotta protect the goal! They still blew the other team away (even though they don't keep score)...luckily, we've got some good, aggressive boys on the team!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scrapbook Weekend!

Yup! It was the annual scrapbook weekend at my aunt's cabin last weekend! My sister even flew from St. Louis to come! It was SO FUN! My MIL and SIL watched my girls so I could leave on Thursday evening and stay until Saturday. I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to sit and do, but I did pretty good with lots of breaks. I even got a nap in and played a game. Usually I just push myself to get as much done as possible with hardly any it was nice takin' it easy.
(I still have to journal this layout.)I've been super-busy trying to get ready for this baby! I'm proud to say that I painted a dresser we got from my SIL and it's all done and in the baby's room. Whew! That was a project! But I do like how it turned out.Lots of people have asked if we have a name picked out for the baby. We've had a name picked for a while and it's not a secret so I don't know why we aren't sharing. We're going to name her Sadie Noelle. I just love it!
I still have so much I need to do before the baby comes! And she's coming in a few days!! AHHH!! I wish I had time to paint her room! It was unexpected to change all the rooms around...and, yes, the girls are still doing great in their separate rooms...they're SLEEPING!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School!

Brinley's in 1st Grade!! I can't believe it! I packed her a lunch and everything! She'll be gone all day! We walked her to school and it sure was a party when we got there! It's her teacher's 2nd year teaching, but I've only heard good things about her, so we're excited!Actually, the first day Brinley was gone to school, Cambree was an angel! There wasn't any fighting or tantrums. It was just Cambree and I! It was so nice! Too bad it won't last too long! The baby will be here soon!

A few more Outings...

The week school started, I felt this rush or need to do a few more things before school started. On my way home from my doctor's appointment, I ran into a bunch of traffic all heading to Thanksgiving Point for $2 Tuesdays. I totally forgot about it!! So I told the girls we'd be going there later that afternoon. I wanted to take them to the Children's Garden since they've never been there. Brinley brought a friend and we had a great time. I thought I'd die from walking so much, but I just rested whenever I got the chance. Brinley said she liked the maze the best and Cambree liked the fountain. I realized I should've had them wear their swimsuits to play in the Noah's Ark water feature...oh well, maybe next time!There's also a new sprinkler park in our city that has been broken for a few weeks. I finally drove by and saw that it was working, so we headed over there the next day. The girls had a blast! It was also super-packed! I think everyone had the same idea that I did!
I'm such a planner and both of these activities I just spontaneously decided to do! It was fun and I need to be more spontaneous more often!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer is Ending!

MONSTER of a POST!! (And it's taken me FOREVER to post it since we just moved everything over to our new MAC.)
I can't believe how fast this summer has FLOWN by! There have been several posts I've meant to make, but just haven't, so here's a run-down of a few things we've done this summer:
*Museum at BYU to see the "I Spy" exhibit by author/artist Walter Wick.*Bounce Houses like crazy! They got to play on them at our city carnival and Ward Carnival...yeah, it was so fun! At the ward carnival, they also played games, faces painted, snow cones, fries, etc. It was really fun!Yes...Brinley won a goldfish. Our first pet. Little fishy didn't last even a week before he went down the porcelain throne.*Swimming at Uncle Ryan's house! They just got a killer new slide! We've been there a lot this summer!*The Oquirrah Temple Open House (I don't even know if I spelled that right). We took Brinley (we left Cambree this time...she was a little irreverent at the Draper one) and had a really great time. She asked lots of questions and this time said her favorite thing was the baptismal font. I also took my Activity Day girls to it a few days later. It's a beautiful Temple...very different, but beautiful. And did you know Oquirrah means shining mountain. How appropriate.
*My mom had a Japanese chaperone stay at her house for a week or so. We went and visited her. Kiyoko was so awesome! She entertained my girls for hours showing them and giving them toys and treats! She was great!*Swim Lessons. We just got done with these. I had such a nice time sitting by the pool, reading, and relaxing. Both the girls were in lessons and did great! Brinley can now swim anywhere and I don't have to worry about her (too much! She's a little dare-devil!). I'm thinking swimming could be her thing!Cambree loves to do silly faces all the time.*Lastly, piano recital. Since Brinley is my sister, Mandy's only student and I really wanted Brinley to have the experience of playing in front of people, we arranged a small get-together with my family and Shawn's family on Sunday...not so small really. Brinley had her songs all memorized and did a really good job! Brinley's cousins played too and Mandy played as well. I tried to get Shawn to play, but he HATES playing in front of people and could not be swayed. Bummer. We served a light dinner and called it a night!Cambree really wanted to play, but just wanted to play from a piano book and she can't read music!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I can hardly believe it!

It's 9:30 and BOTH of my girls are ASLEEP!!! This has not happened ALL summer!! They usually are asleep at 10:30 AND they don't sleep in! Yes, they've been sleep deprived ALL summer. My friend even commented about Cambree's bags under her eyes. Sheesh!
Probably about 4 months ago, we put both girls in one bedroom to make room for the new baby coming and so they would be used to it by the time the baby got here. We really tried to make this work! But they both like to talk and talk and keep each other up. Sometimes Brinley would say, "I just want to go to sleep!" And Cambree would say, "Ha! Ha! You can't!" She would deliberately try to keep her up! So, in the end, we decided to put the computer in our room (YUCK!), split up the girls and the baby gets her own room, of course! We got 2 of the 4 rooms changed around today! Whew!
Maybe in a few years, when Brinley gets older, we can put her in one of the rooms in the basement. But until then, this will be the arrangement! I hope I'm not jinxing it!
And because every post is better with a picture:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Made it over the 7 Year Hump!

That would be fondue drippings on my belly!
My days just seem to get away from me!
Yesterday was our 8th Anniversary of being married to my man! We didn't do anything yesterday, but last weekend we spent most of the day on Saturday doing stuff. It was my year to plan our date. We went to the Harry Potter movie, which was good. I can't wait for the next one! Then, we went to the Melting Pot! I've ALWAYS wanted to go there! I thought maybe it wouldn't meet up to my huge expectations, but it did! It was amazing! We had a 4 course meal: cheese fondue, salad, meat, and of course, dessert! I was so full, I waddled out of there!
Shawn is an amazing husband and father! I'm VERY lucky to have snagged him! We've had such a great time together and we are becoming more and more alike. I can't wait for many more years to come!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Prego Belly

So this time around, I've hardly had time to sit and think about how big I'm getting and how uncomfortable I'm getting. Now that I've stopped doing photo shoots, I feel like I'm getting into baby-mode and things are happening so fast!
I went to a Dr.'s appointment (I feel like that's all I ever do is go to the doc's!) and he said I was measuring big and ordered an ultrasound. So, last Thursday I went in for my ultrasound. This baby is 7 lbs 1 oz right now! Isn't that HUGE?? When I was born I was 6 lbs 11 oz! But I do have big babies...but not that big. I'm even scheduled to have my c-section a week before my due date, but that still means the baby could be a 9 and 1/2 pounder! Sheesh! Now, the most exciting news is that the radiologist said she could tell that the baby has hair and quite a bit of it!! I'm so stoked! My girls just didn't have much hair when they were born and looked exactly the same! So maybe this one won't be a look-alike. I'm getting so excited to have her here!This belly is actually me! Shawn took it! He did a great job! I'll have to post more images when I get them edited. I still have more photo shoots to edit so when I'm done with those, HOPEFULLY I can get to mine before the baby comes!