Saturday, July 25, 2009

Liberty Park

A few days after we got back from our trip, I was invited to spend the afternoon with some old friends at Liberty Park! There was even a free lunch there that the school district does during the summer. Who knew?! Anyway, I just love Liberty Park and need to go up there more. There's a new sprinkler park that I didn't know they had. Of course, Brinley LOVED it and Cambree wanted nothing to do with it. We had 12 kids under the age of 6 to keep track of between the 5 of us, so we weren't able to stay long at the sprinkler park, but I went back later by myself with the girls.Unfortunately, the other water-creek feature they have was drained and being cleaned or something, so that was a bummer. But the kids did play on various playgrounds and fed the ducks. It was so fun for the kids and for me to see some old friends!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cambree = Chaos

I've been meaning to blog about Cambree's mischief for probably the last 3 months! I'm bound to have forgotten stuff! Oh well. Gotta have this stuff in the journal for future reference when she has her own kids!!
*She tried liquid white-out as markers and drew all over the desk. Thankfully it's an old desk.*Colors on walls, couches, carpet, etc.
*With Justus here, I think I'm getting a taste of what a bully she can be. I'm constantly putting her in time-out.
*She wanted a picnic and took all the food out of the fridge. We're on our 3rd fridge lock.*I'm STILL cleaning up potty accidents!!
*She's gotten into Kristy's make-up and nail polish. Luckily the nail polish was only painted on the tile floor.*She thinks everything is own make-up, markers, nail polish, etc. Sometimes Justus is the victim too. I really thought she was over this, but she did it again today. She said, "I want to be bad, Mom." She was meaning that she had tatoos all over her body...nice...this child will be the death of me! And I'm about to have another one??? Good thing she's so dang cute and a good apologizer! She's such a great cuddler too.

All this seemed to really take off when J.J. & Kristy moved in. I don't know if it's the change that made her want to do this stuff or what. I guess we'll find out soon! My brother found a house and their moving in a week and a 1/2. It's been really nice having them here, but I'm sure they're glad to have a place of their own! And so Justus isn't picked on so much anymore!
I know most of this stuff isn't permanently damaged like I read some of your catastrophes are with your kids, but I guess I just can't handle as much! And I'm glad when people post their "naughty" stuff cuz that makes me feel a little better about my own kids' haydays!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

St Louis Trip-Day 6-Wrap it UP!!

So Sunday was our final day! We were heading home, but not after a photo shoot at 8 am! Yup! Angie decided to get her family's done before going to church so we did! Good thing their backyard is so great! (I'm slowly but surely getting all my shoots edited. Go check them out and comment! No St. Louis ones posted yet, but soon!)
After about 2 hours of driving, we stopped in Liberty so we could see one of the Church sites, Liberty Jail. We were actually in my nephew's mission too! Too bad we didn't contact him ahead of time, we might've been able to see him for a minute.Anyway, Liberty Jail was really neat. I had been there before but it's been a LONG time. My girls were a little anxious because they thought a jail would be scary. Brinley learned a lot, I think, and was asking lots of questions. The missionaries there do a great job and I learned a lot about Joseph Smith's time there, along with the others. It's amazing they survived that COLD winter.And, yes, that's Cambree's finger up her nose and I have a dumb look on my face...lovely...that picture WON'T be going in our Christmas card!!
So that was a nice stop on our way home. We did our trip in 2 days this time and stayed the night in a hotel in a small town. And I'm proud I made it in some pictures instead of being the one always taking them! I wanted to document that I went to St. Louis 7 months prego!
So we made it home and were so glad nothing traumatic happened! Cheers to that!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

St Louis Trip- Day 5- The 4th of July!!

The day started out raining HARD!! We tried rescheduling a photo shoot for that morning, but that just wasn't going to work! We all got ready and headed out early for a breakfast at church...luckily it was indoor and that it was a kickin' breakfast!
After breakfast, we came back to the house to relax and hope that the rain would die down for fireworks that night! Brinley has had a loose tooth the entire trip and has been wiggling it. Rob (an almost orthodontist) thought it was loose enough to pull out. So he numbed it a little and tried to get it out with dental floss. That wasn't working, so he thought he'd just pull it out, but Brinley said that hurt too much. So he said he'd just dry it off and try a little he was "drying it off" he pulled out her tooth! Brinley didn't even notice until she saw it sitting there on the table after Rob got up. She was so surprised!! I'm so glad her 1st experience loosing a tooth was a good one, cuz I had to have most of my teeth pulled by a dentist. The tooth fairy visited her that night and left her some money. Brinley also requested a picture, but didn't get one. Not a very nice tooth fairy!We all just relaxed (I got a nap in!), played games, and I took some pics of Rob for his Ortho website.
For lunch/dinner Rob & Angie made an awesome BBQ with all the works: zucchini, kabobs with 2 different meats marinaded, mango salsa, and salad. It was great!We headed to the Arch around 5 pm. They had a small carnival there. We could've also gone up the Arch but the line was too long and I'd already been up there before. I'm sure people were wanting to watch fireworks at the top. The kids had fun on the FREE bounce houses and building an arch. There were also games they could play but we didn't do that.We went over closer to sit and listen to a few songs by the group Train ("Meet Virginia", "Drops of Jupiter") before leaving. (The concert was down by the river and the seats were packed down there, so we watched on a big screen.)The kids LOVED dancing to it! I would upload a video but they take SO LONG to load! So here's some pics:Even though the fireworks are the 5th best in the nation, we decided we had better get the kids home. We had a big day of driving the next day. So we enjoyed lots of illegal fireworks going off all the way home driving on the freeway. Then, we did a few of our own. Roman candles are pretty fun! Brinley was SO brave this year and stayed outside the whole time! Usually she runs inside and hides. But she didn't want to do any sparklers. Maybe next year!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

St. Louis Trip-Day 4

Bright and early, my sister wanted her daughter's one year pics taken so we did those before she went down for her morning nap just in Angie's backyard!! Missouri has so much foliage that their backyard is like a forest! And I'll just give you a hint about the photo shoot...butterfly wings and tutu...Sounds enchanting, huh? I can't wait to catch up on all my editing!!
After the shoot, we all got ready, packed a picnic, and headed to the FREE zoo! Ok, bad idea...the day before the 4th of July...everyone has that day off work so the place was PACKED! We couldn't even get close to the parking lot. So Angie suggested we come back later. Good idea.
So, we did what we were planning to do for dinner...Chuck E. Cheese! Always a fav for the kids! Except maybe Cambree that hated most of the little kid rides! At least she liked the games.
The girls got enough tickets for Brinley to get a cute headband (that actually hasn't broke yet) and Cambree wanted candy (of course) and a sticker.Then, we hurried back to the zoo so we could be there for a while before it closed. I thought 2 hours would be enough time cuz my mom said it was smaller than Hogle Zoo, but it sure wasn't! I wish we could've stayed a lot longer (except for the fact that I'd be way too tired).
(That's everyone, except me!)
First we went to the Kids' Zoo. The kids loved a play area (indoor & outdoor),
a water area (which surprisingly Brinley wasn't too excited about), and a petting zoo. Cambree LOVED brushing the goats' fur. One got a little too close to my mom and ate her zoo map. Rob (my sis's hubby) got 1/2 of it back. Pretty funny!The people without kids wanted to split up so they could see more of the zoo before it closed. We 1st went into the insect house (which didn't stink!) and also the butterfly garden.Then, we went to the Riverfall section with elephants, hippos! (they really put on a show swimming right up to the glass!), rhinos, cheetahs, and hyenas. That was a big section! So I was pretty worn-out! I took a rest while Shawn and the girls went and saw monkeys, giraffes, gizelles (since Brinley was that for her dance concert), lions and tigers. They did a lot in such little time!
We all met up with each other for a concert and our picnic. The singer was great and just what I think of St. Louis music...Arthetha Franklin-type woman singing some favorites. Some people got up and danced including a weird, old lady dressed like a fairy.All the kids except Dylan...he didn't want to be in the picture...too busy playing!

That day was the busiest and funniest! I was just glad I survived!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

St. Louis Trip- Day 3

First thing, we headed off to the St. Louis Children's Science Center. This place was SO awesome AND TOTALLY FREE!! I couldn't believe it!
There was a robotic dinosaur (Brinley's fav), a planetarium, a discovery center for kids-Cambree made a friend and played dress up as a Native American-Brinley liked to pretend she was hurt and went around on crutches and a wheelchair, learned all about how different elements shape our earth, built stuff (Cambree's fav), and a big technology area. It was pretty dang impressive!

After that, we made dinner and the babysitter came over to watch all 5 of our kids while all the adults (8 of us...did I mention my parents came too?) went to a Cardinals game! Sweet! They were even playing the Giants, Shawn's team. We got to watch Pujols (pretty much pronounced poo-holes) who is the best hitter in the league right now, BUT we didn't see anything too impressive...we seemed to have missed all the action in the 1st and 2nd innings cuz we were late. The Cardinals did win 6-2 so it was a fun game and nice to have an adult night out!Yeah, we were pretty high up there, huh?

Friday, July 10, 2009

St. Louis Trip-Day 2

Believe it or not, it was my vacation but I still did a few photo shoots. We got to write-off all that mileage so that's great!
But first we went on a little outing to a farm/park. We saw lots of farm animals and ducks in the pond. Then, we let the kids play on a nice, new playground. It had lots of fun stuff. They had a great time.I just love that kid reading a book at the park!
Then, I went with Angie (my sister) to a photo shoot. It was a newborn. At first he wouldn't stay asleep and then he was out! I got some great pics and even took some outside. That's the first time I've done that with a newborn. You'll have to check out my blog soon to see those pics...check out my photo blog anyway! I've got new stuff!
We went back to the house for a bite to eat and the missionaries showed up. Slackers! They were just trying to fill up some time! They almost made us late to my next shoot. It was a family shoot at a park with lots of variety. My sister did a great job picking a location. We also took Angie's couch along...first time I've done that and it was awesome!!
I was supposed to do another family shoot right after that one, but there was some miscommunication so it didn't work out. We tried rescheduling but it kept raining so it never worked out. I felt bad about that.
After all that, we went back home and played games and relaxed! Whew! I kept up on that day, we'll see if I can still keep up!

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

St. Louis Trip-Day 1

My next few posts will be all about our recent trip to St. Louis to visit my sister and her family! Yea! We got to go on vacation! You have been warned!
Our trip started at 3 am. We DROVE to St. Louis!! Yup! Me, almost 8 months prego, did it! My doctor just told me to make stops every 2-3 hours to get out and walk around so I don't get blood clots. I also wore those sexy support hose to help with that.(Man! That's an ugly picture! I'd better hurry up and do another post!)
So, yes, we were on the road by 3:30 am. My two sisters came with us and they sure helped with the girls! They were good anyway, but it was a lot easier on me not to have to turn around all the time to get them stuff. They were awesome! We thought we'd also need them to help drive, but Shawn ended up driving all 22 hours except I did drive for 3 of the hours. He did amazing!
At 6 am we stopped in WY for breakfast. My sister, Mandy, had to work the night before until midnight so she only got an hour of sleep, so she took a Tylonel PM to help her sleep in the car. It was still in affect when we stopped for breakfast! She was so out-of-it! It was pretty funny!
Nothing else interesting happened. With my b-day money, I bought the girls a DVD system for the van and that was a life-saver!! We got to my sister's house at 1:30 am (we lost an hour) and got to sleep in the next day. So nice!Brinley got a hold of the camera, I see.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Family Fun Festival

Last Saturday was the festival for our city. Since it was our first year here, we didn't know quite what to expect and now know what we'll do better next year.
Friday night, they had a luau dinner which was super good with pulled pork, teriyaki chicken, and salad. It was great! Then, there was supposed to be an outdoor movie, but we left cuz it looked like it was going to rain...and it did when we got home! We got the girls to bed and then went over late to a surprise b-day party. Some people were leaving when we got there, but we just stayed and were pretty much the last ones there. We just talked and ate more good food. :)
Saturday, we woke up early for the city parade. They threw out tons of candy so the girls were happy about that! Cambree was scared at first to go out in the road to get the candy. I guess that's a good thing. At least her cousins were there to give her their candy they'd get.Then, Shawn went to a softball game (which he didn't play cuz the other team didn't show) and I went to some yard sales...and didn't find anything. I don't know how people find stuff at those things, cuz I never do! Then, we had to do some car stuff and THEN we finally went over to the carnival. There were lots of jump houses and booths. The girls had a fun time, even though the pony ride had already left. Ooops! The fire department would cool everyone off with the fire hoses. Brinley really got it! (and, no pics...I left the camera in the car and didn't want to go get it)
After the carnival, we went to the dollar theater and saw Monsters vs. Aliens. We've been telling the girls we'd take them. It was pretty good!After the movies, we relaxed a bit until it was time for the fireworks. We went over to the neighbor's for ice cream sundaes and then watched the fireworks which were pretty impressive for such a small town! Then, the guys all played b-ball and of course we all got to bed way too late and the girls are not in good moods again! We really need to kick this habit!