Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dino Museum

We've been on a few outings this past week (hopefully more blog posts to come!). It's been a fun week!
Last Saturday I took pics for one of my High School friend's family. It was so fun and really great to see her. (I haven't finished editing her pics yet, but I've done lots more! Check out my photo blog and comment!)
On Monday, I got to hang out with more High School friends and go to the Dinosaur Museum! Me (& my belly! I'm getting so big!), Tiffany, & Julie
Brinley took this fabulous picture!

My girls have been looking forward to going there anyway, so it was fun to go with fun people!
Cambree, I'd have to say, was TERRIFIED at first! She wanted to turn around and go back home! NOT A CHANCE! She wanted me to hold her (not too fun with a prego belly) and I kept reassuring her that things weren't real. We just saw Night at the Museum 2 a few weeks ago so I'm sure that was fresh in her head! FINALLY, she got over it and pretty much enjoyed the rest of the museum.Building their own dinosaur
Brinley LOVES to get down and dirty!Cambree...not so much.The kids all made their own fossilsHere's all the kids! My 2 and Julie's 4! It was nice Tiffany was there to help Julie out!Since the Museum wasn't enough, we went over to the gardens so we could "stop and smell the roses!"What a fun day! I wish we all could get together more! Too bad Julie lives far away, but Tiff & I don't have that excuse...just business, I guess!
Thanks, girls! It was so fun! And we missed you Amber!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Birthday has Come and Gone!

Yup! It was my birthday last week. I'm the BIG 29! I'd better enjoy the last of my 20's!
So Brinley was sick AND Cambree was sick AND I hurt my back, but we still squeezed in some fun eventually:Yup! I got a pedi with my BFF! We went to UP (CUTE movie!) as a family and to dinner at the Pizza favorite place! I did a shoot for my cute Brinley! I also did a shoot for my BFF's daughter (those are soon to come! But check out my photo blog for the latest!). So it was a good, despite some stuff that can't be helped!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TRIED to Hike Timp Caves

Yeah...I was pumped! I was ready! Even being 7 months prego I was ready and willing to take on this hike! Sure it's steep but I can do it! Especially if we go the pace of Cambree.
The girls have been asking for MONTHS to go to the caves since we live so close and I FINALLY had only one shoot so I could squeeze in a hike on Saturday. Yeah, it was threatening rain and all the other people that were going to come with us backed out, but I was still determined to go. I was sure the rangers would tell us if the weather was threatening and they wouldn't sell us cave tour tickets if it was going to rain. WRONG!!!
This was us before the hike:This was the girls (or just Brinley, although Cambree was just as sad and wouldn't let me take her picture) after the hike:
It was so busy we even had to wait 45 minutes before hiking so we wouldn't be waiting at the top for our tour time. When we finally got to start hiking, it started sprinkling. I thought that we could handle it if it was just sprinkling. Right as we got 1/4 of a mile up, (we didn't even have to stop yet...I was proud of that!) lightening struck and thunder crashed and the wind blew and the rain came down hard! We saw a ranger and asked him if we should turn around and he thought we should. Duh! So we did and I hurried my big, prego belly down that mountain! (I was really hurting! And my back slowly got worse, until my sciatica was killing me that night!) The girls were crying and scared. The trail was now a river down the mountain!
When we got down safely but totally drenched, we found out they closed the trail because of lightening. I was so glad we weren't able to start sooner, cuz we would've been farther up the trail and probably wouldn't have wanted to turn around.
We just couldn't get home fast enough for the girls. When we did, they got hot baths and a movie. What a day!They both finally let me take their picture since I told them that the picture would remind us to never do a hike again in the rain!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hollywood Connection

Even though this place is kinda ghetto, we still like to go there...occasionally. We went Friday night and it was the first time we've taken the girls (they FINALLY earned it!). They thought they were at Lagoon! They did ride after ride after ride! I even did the roller coaster, but it hurt my big prego belly too much so once was enough! Brinley liked the roller coaster the best and Cambree liked the Carousel the opposites!We had dinner at the diner,ice cream,arcades,mini golf, and even squeezed a movie in (The Night at the Museum 2).We were there until they closed at 11 pm! And the girls STILL wanted to ride rides! We're paying for it now, with Brinley being a little under-the-weather and both of them are a little ornery and emotional, but I think it was worth it!

Kinda Random, BUT...

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's Six FINALLY!

Brinely's been dying to have her birthday! Especially since all her friends are now six years old! Thursday was her birthday finally! We kept it low-key since we were having her friend party the next day. We pretty much did last-minute party shopping and getting stuff ready. She wanted hamburgers for her birthday dinner, so that was easy. Then, we did presents and brownies (since we were doing her cake for her party). And yes, there are a some bites taken out of the brownies...that would be Cambree, of course!
And I must give Brinley props this year. She did not run away and get freaked out by the candles on her cake!! She picked out the candles at the store herself and I told her that she could have them if she was brave and blew the candles out. She did so great and was brave for both the family party and her friend party! She didn't cry or get scared! My baby is growing up!For her friend party she wanted a water party (big surprise...she loves water) and I was all for that! No mess in the house! EXCEPT the weather thought otherwise. All week I was worried about the weather. On Friday, the day of the party, the weather said it would rain off and on. What to do? Brinley was desperate to have a water party, but I did have a backup plan just in case it was cold and rainy. When friends came Brinley was loving playing outside, so I just let them play outside for a minute. I thought we could at least do the water balloons since those don't get you too wet. Then, we came inside to get warm and played a game...then...we went outside to bob for toys and play on the slip 'n slide.Then, we came back inside for cake, ice cream, and presents. So I think it was all good going in and one got too cold and it seemed like everyone had a fun time.
It's so fun living in this neighborhood with so many girls her age! We didn't even invite all of them because first of all, she doesn't even know all of them and there's just too many! My limit is 8 at a party. I was pooped!
*I'm reminding you again to go check out my photo blog for lots of new shoots this week!

Monday, June 8, 2009

High School Graduation

When you go to High School Graduations, doesn't it make you think of your own graduation or your High School experience in general? I totally do. I remember bawling my eyes out at Graduation, knowing that things would never be the same and that I wouldn't see most of my friends anymore. It's true. I don't see them much, but it was time to move on from that part of my life and I'm glad I did! College was awesome!!
Anyway, my youngest sister just graduated last Wednesday (and saved face a heck of alot better than me and didn't shed a tear!). I can't believe it! My parents will be empty-nesters! It's crazy! And she'll be going to college at UVU, so that'll be great having her closer to us.They had the ceremony at the Huntsman Center (no kids under 8 allowed so Kristy watched the girls) and they had all sorts of shananigans going on! There were blow-up toys being passed about, a kid tripping on purpose (I think), and a kid being announced as Tony the Tiger with a big cardboard cutout of Tony. We didn't do any of that at graduation. I guess we were all prudes. I have to say, that Tooele Seniors have quite the talents with a guy quartet singing "Prayer of the Children" (which I love), drums, violins, was quite the variety! This graduation actually wasn't too boring! Props to Tooele!Then, we all went out to Olive Garden...yummmm....
*Oh, and check out my latest shoot on my photo blog. I'm trying to play catch-up so keep checking to see what's new this week!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wheeler Farm

A while ago I told Chrissy to tell me of all the fun, free stuff that happens, cuz I just don't seem to know anything, and she did! She told me about the SL County's Library Kickoff Party at Wheeler Farm. I've still got my county library card so I figured it would be totally fine if we came and crashed it and I needed some time out-of-the-house (and away from editing!) and with my cute family. It sounded a lot funner than it really was, but the girls had a blast and that's all that really matters.
We picked up Shawn after work, got pizza, and ate it at the Garden Park Ward. Shawn's never been there and it has such beautiful grounds.Then, we go over to Wheeler Farm for the party. It was pretty busy! The girls got balloons (that's the annoying white string in all the pictures), did messy chalk art, saw mimes (freaky!), characters dressed up like animals (Cambree had to hug every one of them...funny that she was scared of the Easter Bunny but not the animals.) and a yo-yo guy. Shawn liked the free food samples the best, I'm sure. They had some shows but we just saw the Irish dancers which were actually really good. The girls enjoyed that. We walked over and saw the ducks, cows, chickens, sheep, and horses. Cambree is not scared one bit and almost climbed in with the horses! The was sticking her fingers in the pens and surprisingly didn't get bitten. We're really going to have to watch her when we go to the zoo so she doesn't climb in with a lion! She just loves animals!