Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was really nice, even though we didn't really go anywhere. I've been so busy with Photo Shoots taking up every weekend that it was nice to have a day off. The girls went to Grandma Hancock's to swim in their pool with their cousins while Shawn and I did some shopping for my business. We've been saving up for awhile and got to go on a shopping spree! Now I can really get going (or not!)!
After shopping, we picked up the girls and went to meet some of my extended family to visit my Grandpa's grave. It's been 2 years now since he passed away from cancer. We've sure missed him. My Grandma's still doing well though.
We've never done that on Memorial Day. That place was packed! It was a neat opportunity to teach the girls about life after death. Brinley, as always, had lots of questions!
After that, we went back to my Grandma's house for pizza and to chat with my cousins. One of my cousins had her newborn there. We had gone to the baby blessing the day before too, so it was just a nice time to be with family that whole weekend.And isn't this a fun picture of Shawn & Cambree?! I've always wanted to take one like that. :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer is HERE!!!

A few weeks ago, when it finally got warm (& when we finally got all our sprinklers fixed) we turned on the sprinklers so the girls could run through them. Brinley was a little worried at first but quickly was totally fine with it. Cambree on the other hand:Even my nephew, Justus, was loving the sprinklers in his clothes! Just too fun!We've also had fun going to the park! My friend from St. George came to visit for a day and where did we go? The park! I'm so glad summer's here! Brinley's even out of school now! Let the party begin!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dance Concert

So last week was super-busy with dance stuff! Dance class on Wednesday, Dress Rehearsal on Thursday, and Dance Concerts on Friday and Saturday. They have 2 different casts and they do 4 shows, but the little ones just do 2 shows. Friday night, Grandma & Grandpa Hancock came to watch. We had a dinner beforehand and then headed over. Saturday, Grandma & Grandpa Davis and J.J. & Kristy came to that show. So there was always someone there to watch them!
The show was based on an African tale called "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters". So all the dances had some African flair. It was really fun to watch and like a Ballet where you follow the story along. The Owner of the dance company lives right behind us so we could just walk the girls to dance. It was so convenient! She does a great job!
Brinley was a village girl and a gazelle and Cambree was a shaker (with maracas) and a hippo. The both did really good and it looked like the 2nd time around, Brinley had the dance memorized. We're so proud of them and can't wait to do it again! Now we just have to convince Cambree that she doesn't need make-up on every day!So I'm thinking you really want to see their dances. You do?! Great! Here they are!

Oh, and I finished more photo shoots. All my Seniors are finally done! So these are the first guy shoots I've ever done. It was pretty fun! Check out more on my photo blog!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Princess for a Day

This happened probably about a month ago and I keet forgetting to post it.
Anyway, Cambree got invited to a Princess Birthday Party. She was so excited! She got all dressed up in her dress-ups and headed the "the ball". That's what she kept calling it. They played games, got all princess presents, dug for jewels in the sand, and got an hour ride in THIS...Cambree loved waving the whole way down the street. She totally has the "Princess wave" down! They passed the school when the kids were getting out and I guess they were chasing it.Brinley got out of school just in time and was dropped off at the party. They were so nice and let her have a ride. She was so happy!Yeah, it's gonna be hard to try and top that one! I don't think we'll even try!

Speaking of Princess stuff, my girls have been loving to play Princesses. I overheard them playing and this is what went on:
Brinley: Princesses don't make funny faces. Princesses don't be naked. Princesses don't dance.
Cambree starts to dance. Brinley gets a little irritated.
Brinley: Princesses don't cry. Princesses don't run.
Cambree runs around in circles. Brinley yells at Cambree to stop.
Brinley: Princesses don't have pets. Princesses don't jump.
Cambree jumps. Brinley gets really mad...the Princess play is over!

Since I'm posting about all this Princess talk...I'll post about my first Bridal Photo shoot since that's what Cambree calls brides is Princesses. Yeah, I did my first Bridal and it was great! We had already had to reschedule because of bad weather (and we had to switch locations!). Talk about stress! The, the weather was threatening again, so we just had to do it cuz her wedding was that weekend! We did it and it held out. We enjoyed a few raindrops. She and her mom were some of the nicest people ever so I was lucky to have such a nice bride to practice on!Check out more on my photo blog, of course! And thanks for leaving comments! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Way to Start the Day...

The girls are fighting about who's wearing who's jammies.
The toilet is clogged (it wasn't clogged last night!).
Cambree peed the bed sometime in the night or something.
....and I wasn't even out of bed yet.

The rest of the day has been ok (I actually got out for some much-needed exercise!)...but then there was more pee on the carpet and on dance clothes. When will this ever stop?!!
Maybe when I'm done editing! I'm so far behind! But, enjoy what I have done lately...check out my photo blog! I know...I'm so shameless always plugging my blog! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a great Mother's Day as I'm sure you all did too. Shawn wasn't feeling too great but he still made my day really special. We had church early so there was no time for Breakfast in bed! At church, the Primary and Young Men and Young woman sang a beautiful medley of Mother songs. This was the first time that Brinley or Cambree have been able to sing for me for Mother's day since our old ward didn't do that. It was really special and the girls were so good. As our Mother's Day gift, we each got a music CD and homemade cinnamon rolls! We were in heaven!
After church, I had a nice, long nap and then we had my family all come over for a big Mother's Day dinner that Shawn planned and carried out. He made a roast, rolls, green salad, fruit salad, and double whammies. It was so great! And all they guys did the dishes. Then, we all went for a walk. We saw my cousin and his family which was a surprise because they don't really live close by. We walked over to Shawn's sister's house to see his family and his mom so that was nice to see both of our mother's on Mother's Day.
What a wonderful Mother's Day! I'm so grateful for my own mother. For her example of giving, unconditional love, cleaning, organizing, serving, cooking, baking, crafting, etc. I'm so grateful for all she has done for me and that hopefully I can do the same for my girls.My sister-in-law sent me this cute Mother-of-the-Year video. It's pretty cute and makes me feel good anyway!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Man! Is it Seriously Only Tuesday?!!

So we had a really busy day today. Shawn even took work off to work in the yard and to go to Brinley's Kindergarten Program. Her program was really cute. They sang songs, danced, said a poem, and showed off their ABC or Counting books (Brinley did a counting one). It was really low-key and just in their classroom. Brinley loved it and did great! She was the one dancing the most I'd have to say!From there, we went to UVU to meet with a lady at the Small Business Development Center to counsel us on everything we need to do to really get my photography business going. (Which, by the way, I've done more shoots that I've posted on my blog. Ok, well, only one more that I've posted. But more to come!)From UVU, we came back home to do a photo shoot. I had Shawn come with me since I was doing my first Senior Guy shoot and I didn't want to pose him too girly. It turns out that I didn't even need Shawn there cuz this guy was a natural!
Then, my sister, Mandy, came over for dinner and to teach Brinley piano. While she was teaching her piano, Brinley always stands up while she plays and moves around a lot. Mandy was just telling her to sit back down when she missed the chair and hit her head on the tile table. She cut her head about 1/4 of an inch. We didn't know if she needed stitches (neither of us have had stitches before) so we called Shawn's brother, Bryce who's a PA. He said since it's not on her face and since it's not too big to just clean it really well and dry her hair. Then, just push the cut together and super glue it. Alright! Works for us! I hope you all aren't cringing at the thought of us not taking her in, but it sure saved us a heck of a lot of money. It's a good thing we have a Physician's Assistant in the family to call upon in time of need!
(Sorry for the graphic picture. This makes it look bigger and worse than it really was because of the blood.)

After all that, I finally got to go to Book Club. And I think I deserved it! :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just a little off the side...

While Shawn and I were enjoying our Sunday afternoon nap, havoc was found. Cambree found the scissors (I've re-hid them 3 times!) and cut her hair. Now, Brinley's cut her hair 3 times before but it was just a little and completely fixable...Cambree, on the other hand, went all out:Brinley came running upstairs telling us what Cambree did. I told Cambree to come upstairs but she put herself in time-out. I waited until she was done with time-out (cuz I really didn't want to see what she did) and then she came up. Kristy (my SIL) said she didn't think it could be fixed. So I knew it was going to be bad. I'll admit, I cried. She said she could glue it back on...I wish. She's always had thick hair and I just knew hers would get long and pretty cuz Brinley's never could. So I was pretty sad. I (or more like Shawn cuz I was just too devastated) called my friend, Nicole, who's a hairdresser. I begged her to cut it today. I felt bad it was Sunday, but I was just wasn't sure I could go any longer looking at her like that. Too bad the 80's mullet isn't in style anymore.

So Nicole did the best she could. She cut it in a bob (sort of), but we just couldn't hid the left side very well cuz it was just too short. {sigh} I guess it'll grow.

Friday, May 1, 2009